6 Facts About the Mediterranean Diet You Probably Didn’t Know

The Mediterranean diet has been around for ages and has only recently gained its popularity with nutritional values and positive benefits. While you might have already heard about the amazing benefits of the Mediterranean diet, you might be surprised to learn more facts and how it works.

Here are 6 facts about the Mediterranean Diet you probably didn’t know.

It’s Cheap

Believe it or not, the Mediterranean diet is also an economical diet to follow. Studies suggest that those who follow the Mediterranean diet cut their budget in half due to the major decrease in snacks, meats, desserts, and sodas.

Benefits More than A Healthy Heart

While you might have already known that the Mediterranean diet is great for the heart, other benefits include protecting your kidneys, reduction in cognitive decline, reversal of metabolic syndrome, decreased the risk of diabetes and peripheral artery disease, and the overall quality of life.

Calorie Quality Means More than Quantity

As some patients become addicted to counting calories, they tend to stop caring about the overall quality. While calorie counting is important, the type of calories will matter more. Consume natural foods with the more nutritional value to help you feel satisfied and follow the basic portion control.

Provides Healthy Fat Options

As many people have the fear of fat, they end up trying to avoid them in general. However, the Mediterranean diet has a variety of food options that contain healthy fats. Some of the standout options include nuts, olive oil and fatty fish that are rich in omega-3.

Low in Dairy

The Mediterranean diet is lower in dairy and can easily be substituted with alternatives such as soy yogurt, brown rice, buckwheat amaranth, quinoa, teff, and millet.

Kids will also benefit

Want to give your children a healthy start? Studies suggest that children who follow the Mediterranean diet are less likely to be overweight and even at a healthy development. The Omega-3 rich foods help their brains to grow as the diet staples are also kid-friendly.


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