Drawing tablets used to draw illustrations on computers are now available in various brands, such as Wacom, XP-PEN, and HUION. With varying prices and functions, it might make you confused in choosing the right product.

We will explain how to choose a drawing tablet and recommend the best products at affordable prices. What is your ideal drawing tablet? Maybe one of them is in the review below.

How to Choose a Drawing Tablet

Before reviewing the pen tablet recommendations, we will provide tips on choosing a pen tablet. There are four points you can consider before selecting a drawing tablet. Read More!

Choose Regular Drawing Tablet

If this is your first time, it is recommended to choose an ordinary drawing tablet. If you have more budget, there is no harm in choosing an LCD drawing tablet. Using a drawing tablet requires a bit of habituation because the sensation is different from drawing manually on paper.

Both types of drawing tablets also have quite different price ranges. For about $ 50, you can buy a regular drawing tablet, while LCD drawing tablets are much more expensive, starting at $ 300- $ 600.

As a beginner package, choose a drawing tablet that suits your budget. An ordinary drawing tablet is recommended for beginners to familiarize themselves with the nuances of digital images. When you are accustomed to drawing on a regular drawing tablet, of course, you will also be used to drawing on a tablet LCD.

Choose Size for Comfort

Not only is the space for drawing, but the size of the tablet also affects the comfort of drawing. Beginner illustrators tend to focus on low prices. It’s also important to choose the right size of drawing tablet for convenience.

Adjust your arm posture when drawing manually. Do your arms rest on your elbows or wrists? If you want the armrest on the elbow, choose a tablet with large size. Conversely, if the armrest is on the wrist, choose a pen with a smaller size.

The medium size is the size of a standard drawing tablet. , if you are confused about choosing between M or L sizes, it is better if you choose a larger size. If you have a limited budget, choose tablets with S sizes that are generally cheaper.

Available Space on Your Desk

When choosing a tablet pen size, check the size of the table and the space available on your desk. It doesn’t matter if you put the pen tablet on your knee or lap, but it will be difficult for you when making picture illustrations. The lines you draw become unstable and have an impact on your work.

Therefore, we recommend that you provide a drafting table. To produce good illustrations, of course, the space in which you draw is also important. Choose the right size after you think of a good placement location for the pen tablet that you will buy.

Choose a Pressure Level.

Stylus pressure level indicates the sensitivity of the stylus to be able to detect the applied pressure. At present, there are three levels of pressure, namely 2048, 4098 and 8192. Beginners may not know the difference. The difference will be felt after the user begins to get used to using drawing tablets.

The best choice is a stylus with a pressure of 8192, but for beginners, we recommend choosing a stylus with a pressure of 4098. This level has performance and is affordable for those of you who are just starting to try.

Choose a Drawing Tablet with Many Tools

Drawing tablets with modified shortcut keys will greatly support the efficiency of your work. Also, pay attention to the function of the wheel embedded in the tablet. The wheels make it easy for you to adjust the brush size and rotate the canvas area.

For beginners, this might be ignored. Though the presence of additional buttons will affect the efficiency in making illustrations, for that, pay attention to this function before buying.

Indeed, the touch function can make it easier for users compared to button functions. You can easily activate the shortcut by touching and sliding the surface of the tablet pen. Although very practical, pen tablets with functions like this are generally more expensive. For that, do not push yourself, make sure you choose a pen tablet that suits your budget.

Check the power of Stylus

Does the stylus on the pen of your choice require electrical power to work? The stylus that requires electrical power is generally planted with batteries that can be charged or recharged. The stylus that can be charged tends to weigh more heavily.

Besides, a stylus like this will greatly hamper your performance when it suddenly runs out of power when used. For that, we recommend that you choose a stylus that does not use batteries.

Read the review, or come directly to the store to feel the sensation of the handheld and the weight of the stylus. It would be better if the stylus is equipped with buttons that can be easily changed in function, from brushes to erasers. So, what kind of drawing tablet should I choose?

Choose Brands at Affordable Prices

It might be confusing to choose an image tablet brand if you haven’t read the reviews. There are three well-known picture tablet brands, namely Wacom, HUION, and XP-Pen, which we will explain each of the advantages and disadvantages below.

Wacom is the most famous pen tablet company and controls 80% of the pen tablet trade. Wacom brand is also widely used by professionals. This tablet is highly recommended for various aspects. Among these are a good performance and support system, as well as usability that can meet user desires.

Wacom also developed two types of products, namely Intuos for beginners and Intuos Pro for intermediate to professional levels. The Wacom brand tends to be more expensive compared to the other two brands. If you have enough budget, don’t hesitate to choose the Wacom brand.

If you feel Wacom is too expensive, we recommend brands from China, such as XP-PEN and HUION. Both of these brands have specifications that are approximately the same as Wacom but have lower prices. Of course, this makes the two brands an alternative choice after Wacom.

Surely there are weaknesses behind low prices, which are less supportive support systems. Indeed you will have difficulty if your drawing tablet has problems.

Best (Recommended) Affordable Drawing Tablet

Below are the best picture tablet products that we recommend for you. A good pen tablet does not mean that it has full features, but it suits your needs. So choose wisely!


HUION H430P uses a stylus without batteries. The pressure level on the stylus is at the intermediate level, making it comfortable to use even for novice pen tablet users. This tablet pen has also been equipped with shortcut keys to improve your work efficiency. Easy and hassle-free!


For students, with a limited budget, this one product can be an option. With an active area that is wide enough, this product does not make the bag taut and easy to carry because it is thin and light. The stylus, which works without a battery, is lightweight and comfortable to handle, so it doesn’t get tired easily.

Wacom One Medium CTL-672

This stylus drawing tablet has electromagnetic technology developed by Wacom to be able to produce more accurate lines. Surely this will make it easier for you to control the stylus better. This product will greatly help you who works as a photo editor because photo editing can look more presentable.

XP-PEN Deco 01

You will need this picture tablet when working or looking for inspiration outdoors. Why? Because this pen tablet has a thickness of 8 mm or as thin as a coin! Indeed easy to carry everywhere, right? Also, the stylus handle is equipped with a stylus tip replacement tool in the box.

Wacom Intuos Small CTL-4100WL

This drawing tablet has three colour variants, namely black, green, and pink, that you can choose according to your personality. Already equipped with Bluetooth, the worktable can look neater without milling cable.

When purchasing, you can choose two of the three illustration software that you can download for free from Wacom, namely Corel® Painter® Essentials ™ 6, Corel® Aftershot ™ 3, and CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO. Surely this will save your expenses because you don’t need to buy a software license anymore, right?

XP-PEN Deco 03

This drawing tablet has a unique design. The wheels are located at an angle, different from other pen tablet designs. Wheel location will make it easier for you to rotate the wheel and adjust the angle of the canvas when working on designs or illustrations.

Beginners can use it comfortably because this product is user friendly, and the price is quite affordable. You can also activate this pen tablet with or without cable because this product is equipped with wireless technology.

Wacom Intuos Pro M PTH-660

The advantage of this drawing tablet is on the stylus! In addition to the high-pressure level, this stylus has a tilt detection function, so it feels comfortable to use, such as drawing on paper. For those of you professionals who work long hours and want precision detail, of course, this pen tablet will greatly facilitate your work.

Display Artist XP-PEN 22E Pro

For those of you who work long enough in front of the screen, you can choose this picture tablet. The screen is designed so as not to expose excessive light to the user’s eyes so that your eyes don’t get tired quickly. Of course, glare reduction technology will not affect the appearance of your work on the LCD.

Unlike most drawing tablets, this product uses a stylus that can be charged. Even so, after the battery is fully charged, you can use it for two months so that it won’t interfere with your performance. Long enough time for a stylus battery, right?

Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 Creative Pen Display 13

Wacom equips this series of LCD pen tablets with high HD full-color accuracy with a percentage of 87% or a big number for color accuracy. Your design or illustration can have a more precise color, according to your expectations. If you are a professional illustrator or graphic designer, this tablet pen will be your best friend.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13

You no longer need to bring a laptop to activate it because Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13 is equipped with Intel® with Windows 10 Home operating system. Besides being able to be operated like a laptop, its lightweight makes it easy for you to move.

Although compact, its performance is so optimal by combining the practicality of a drawing tablet and the convenience of drawing on paper. It’s so easy and practical, and you will be ready to work whenever inspiration comes your way.


Each drawing tablet has its own features advantages so it would be nice if you learn its specification before buying. By using a suitable drawing tablet, the pleasure in making illustrations will increase!

Also, consider the price and don’t force yourself to buy a drawing tablet/drawing pads that exceed the budget. Through this article, hopefully, you can find a pen tablet that suits your needs.

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