Watches owned by fashion brands from the United States, Calvin Klein has received support from many generations. The reason this brand has a minimalist and elegant design. Many people buy it because it’s easy to get it. However, there are various series making it difficult to choose which product is the best.

Therefore, we will explain the Calvin Klein watch series and how to choose the best. We also provide a list of products that are recommended for men, women, and unisex design watches. See the article below …

About Calvin Klein Watch

The fashion brand Calvin Klein was born in the United States in 1968. Calvin Klein only developed the watch product itself in 1997, and its history is still short. However, its products have an excellent reputation for stylish designs that emphasize the minimalist style. That is what distinguishes it from other brands.

The reason this watch has a good reputation is not only because of its design but also because of its engine drive system. The price is not low because it uses an ETA-made machine movement system in Switzerland. Therefore, this watch has exceptional quality.

In 2018, Raf Simons, who is the head of Calvin Klein’s creative team, resigned from his position. At the same time, the watch that caught the attention of the younger generation and the logo was also updated. Calvin Klein’s watch, which has undergone this renewal, also gets a stronger position. Certainly suitable for men and women today.

How to choose a Calvin Klein watch

Before you get to know Calvin Klein watch products, you need to know how to choose the right one. If you understand it, of course finding the most suitable watch will be easier.

For men

Calvin Klein is famous for having a simple and minimalist watch. For men, we recommend a series that has a slightly playful impression even though it looks simple.

Chronograph series

If you like a slightly complicated design, we recommend the Chronograph series. Compared to other brands of chronograph models, Calvin Klein designed his watch as simple as possible. Therefore, when wearing it, you will appear without the impression of excessive style.

Popular classic series that use the chronograph are City, Exchange, Bold, and Formality. Besides, there is a new series in 2018, Achieve which combines a chronograph with colour combinations.

Achieve series

Calvin Klein’s simple wristwatch is indeed his main attraction. However, for those of you who like the color play or want a more expressive watch, we recommend the Achieve series. This series released its first model in 2018 along with the withdrawal of Raf Simons.

This series is targeted at young people. The main characteristic is the vintage blue and orange colors that have never existed in the Calvin Klein series before. Some give the impression of American vintage. By using Calvin Klein’s distinctive minimalist elements, this series is the brand’s key innovation.

For woman

Among various series for women, feminine-style watches are the most popular. Likewise, that can be used as jewelry and has a soft color.

Straps or mesh design

For women who want a luxury watch, we recommend a watch with a silver strap or a mesh design. This makes it sparkle like jewelry. A simple Calvin Klein watches display so you can still look mature.

For example, the Cheers and Minimal Extension series have straps like bracelet jewelry. If you want a bangle watch, you can choose the Embrace, Beautiful, and Addict series.

Soft Color and Minimalist Design

If you want a combination that is simple and feminine, a watch should be soft and not silver. For example, the Rebels and Full Moon series combine pink and white that doesn’t look flashy.

Calvin Klein’s watch still looks simple even with its color combination. You can still get a minimalist essence with a feminine impression.

Couple Watches Set

Many Calvin Klein watches are made to be used in pairs. Also, note the series and specifications of unisex watches that have different sizes for men and women.

Several designs are the same with different sizes for couples. All of them include the unique Calvin Klein series, such as City, Even, and Window. The design is simple and luxurious, so it is very matching for couples.

Of the three, the simplest series is the City series, while the Even series is a bit more decorative than City. The dial is designed with a wood grain pattern that gives a modern touch. For the Window series, this watch has square-shaped buttons and gives a deep impression.

Future series

Additionally, there is the Future series which has the first digital dial in the history of Calvin Klein. This series has watches that can be used for men and women. Ropes made of rubber give a very sporty look. Future series watches are perfect for those of you who like to exercise.

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10 Best Recommended Calvin Klein Watch (2020)

After reading how to choose the Calvin Klein to watch above, have you found the series you like? For your information, you can see a list of our best Calvin Klein watches below:

Calvin Klein Accent

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This watch can be used in a relaxed or formal atmosphere. The model is minimalist with a crocodile leather strap that gives an elegant retro impression. Also, this watch has two sizes that make it ideal for couples. If you are looking for a watch that looks casual and serious for various events, this product can be an option.

Calvin Klein City Chronograph

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This product is recommended for those of you who like watches with a combination of design and prominent functions. The design is minimalist with the addition of a chronograph that gives a modern touch. Not only that, but the crown also makes this watch more impressive!

The color of this watch is luxurious and very attractive with a combination of the rose gold bezel and brown leather strap. Besides being suitable for casual style, this watch is also suitable for use with formal wear.

Calvin Klein Minimal

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If you like products with prominent brand attributes, this product can be considered an option. This watch does not have a complicated and plain design. However, a dial with a large CK logo highlights Calvin Klein’s characteristics combined with simplicity. More than that, the dominant black color gives a stylish impression on this watch.

Calvin Klein Exchange Chronograph

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This watch has a masculine impression due to the large diameter of the dial. This is supported by a white dial with an attractive chronograph accent. This watch also has a great look. This watch is suitable for you who need a watch for formal everyday events.

Calvin Klein City Extension K2G2G1VN

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If you are looking for products that give the impression of young and fresh, this product is the right choice. This watch has a fresh blue dial color and looks masculine. The strap is made of stainless steel with a unique combination of silver and blue colors. This watch also has a sporty look, so it is ideally combined with a casual dress style.

Calvin Klein Minimal K3M2T526

Calvin Klein Minimal K3M2T526

Women mostly use the gold color, which is identical to jewelry. Who would have thought, this color was also suitable for use by men. This watch has the impression of luxury and manly when used. The gold color is also neutral, so it is not too flashy. If you want to try bold colors without being too prominent, this watch is a perfect choice!

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Calvin Klein Graphic

Calvin Klein City

This product is a watch that can be used as an accessory at the same time. This is because the diameter of the dial is very wide so that its function as a time guide works very well. Another supporting factor is that this watch has a small strap-like bracelet. So it looks very elegant and feminine. Very appropriate to choose if you want a watch product that also functions as jewelry!

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Calvin Klein City

Calvin Klein City

This watch has a very sweet appearance even though the design is simple. The rose gold color makes this watch an ideal luxury accessory for everyday use. The color also makes this watch face brighter. Even though the dial is quite large, which is 31 mm, this product still looks very feminine when used.

Currently unavailable

Calvin Klein City Extension K2G22143

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Stainless steel watches are always suitable to be combined with any dress style. With an attractive design, this watch will add to your cool dress style. This watch also has a strong impression. More than that, as a unisex watch the diameter is very fitting for use by men and women.

Calvin Klein Minimal K3M216G6

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Rose gold color became popular in the 21st century. Therefore, the classic model, combined with the color produces products with a modern touch. This watch also has an executive look, so you will look authoritative when using it. This is what makes it perfect to use when you go to work every day.


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