Dell laptops are one of the popular laptop brands at quite economical prices. However, Dell laptops have various variants with different specifications, designs, and sizes. Some users are confused about choosing the right Dell laptop.

Read our article that reviews how to choose the best Dell laptop. We will also recommend the ten best Dell laptops from the Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware series. So, please bookmark and also recommend this article to your friends.

How to Choose The Best Dell Laptop

We will review how to choose a Dell brand laptop before recommending the best Dell laptop of our choice. You can make the points below as a reference when choosing a Dell laptop.

Based on the series that suits your needs

Dell laptops consist of various series, such as Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware. Choosing a Dell laptop is easier if you know the features of each series so you can choose the laptop that suits your needs.

Inspiron Series

Inspiron Dell series laptops are pretty much found in PC stores or various marketplaces. If you want to use a PC for office software, browsing, and general use, choose this series.

At present, the Inspiron series is designed with adequate performance for use at home and also in the office. Some Inspiron series also have better specifications so you can use it as a qualified laptop at an economical cost.

XPS Series

If you use software for design work or music purposes such as DTM, the Inspiron series alone may not satisfy you. If so, the XPS series can be chosen because it has higher performance for browsing, office software, and personal use.

A characteristic that needs attention from the XPS series is a stylish design with a metallic feel. This design is designed to show higher performance than the Inspiron series. Therefore, you can use this series to get the best performance in using more advanced applications.

Alienware Series

We recommend the Alienware Dell series laptop if you want to play games using a laptop. This series is designed to play games so you can play high specification games with a beautiful 3D look. You can play comfortably without any lag.

The high-performance GPU is installed in the Alienware series so you can also do video editing comfortably. The Alienware series has a bright color design that attracts attention. So, you can choose Alienware if you want a laptop with an unusual color design. Dell Alienware laptop series are considered quite interesting from various aspects.

Choose based on body size and weight

Dell laptops generally measure between 11 inches to 17 inches. However, some series differ depending on the factory default. Small-sized laptops are lighter, while large series tend to be heavy. You can check a few important points carefully when choosing a laptop based on size.

Size of 11-12 inches

If you often carry a PC in a bag, choose sizes 11 inches to 12 inches. Its A5 size body weighs about 1 kg, so it is conveniently stored in the bag. Thus, you can make this size and weight as a reference when you want to work with a PC when traveling.

However, laptops with sizes of 11 inches to 12 inches can interfere with eye comfort for some users. This might happen if you use a laptop for a long time or when you are working with visual design.

Size of 15-17 inches

If you need to work using a large screen for design and DTM jobs, choose a 15 to 17-inch laptop. Large size laptops are recommended when you work for a long time so that it can reduce fatigue. This type of laptop does not make the eyes tired because it has an equivalent size of A4 paper.

So, you can do work more easily and efficiently. Large laptops generally weigh more than 2 kg. Therefore, laptops like this are not suitable if they are often carried around for travel.

Size of 13-14 inches

If you need to carry a laptop anywhere but feel that the size of a laptop 11 inches or 12 inches is too small, you can choose a laptop size of 13 to 14 inches. Laptops of this size generally weigh under 2 kg, so they are not too heavy when carried. Laptop sizes 13 to 14 inches may not be satisfactory when doing work that requires a detailed look.

However, this size is sufficient for daily use. So, 13 to 14-inch laptops have the right size because they are not too big and not too small.

Select by the Storage Device

We will review points to consider about storage devices when you choose a Dell laptop. This category is a part that affects the work efficiency of laptops. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to this point.

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10 Best (Recommended) Dell Laptop Series

Dell Inspiron 11-3162

Choose the Dell Inspiron 11 362 if you want to operate a laptop outdoors because it weighs only 1.18 kg. This product has a thickness of fewer than ¾ inches which will not take up space in the bag. The battery lasts up to ten hours so you can work long hours outdoors.

You can move data easily via USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Windows 10. The existence of Cortana as a personal assistant is another advantage that allows you to use a laptop without having to install an OS. Besides, an accurate touchpad allows you to work without a mouse.

Dell Inspiron 14-7472

Dell Inspiron 14-7472 is made by combining aluminum with magnesium metal, and the silver color gives a luxurious feel. This product can be selected if you want a stylish laptop. The CPU uses Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 to produce smooth performance.

NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU already installed on this laptop, providing comfort when playing games or editing. You can upgrade the memory up to 16 GB for your convenience when doing multitasking work. You can also enjoy comfortable sound thanks to MaxxAudio Pro technology.

Dell G7 15-7588

Own this product if you need a laptop with powerful specifications for gaming needs. This can happen thanks to a combination of GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 and Intel eighth generation. You can upgrade the Dell G7 7588 memory up to 32 GB so you can play games smoothly.

This gaming laptop has a display with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080). Therefore, you can play 3D games with a view that is comfortable to the eye. The presence of NVMe PCIe SSD also results in fast data transfers and extended battery usage.

Dell XPS 15-9570

This laptop has InfinityEdge display technology, so it produces a borderless display with only 5.7 mm bezel. Ultra HD 4K display technology allows you to see image details without zooming. Own this laptop if you want a quality look that feels comfortable in the eye.

The presence of CinemaColor, CinemaStream, and CinemaSound technology is a plus for cinema fans. This Dell laptop is high-performance with the thinnest body design, measuring 15 inches and weighing 1.8 kg. Therefore, this laptop is the right choice if you are looking for a lightweight laptop with a sophisticated performance.

Dell Inspiron 14-3462

This product capability is suitable for you who only need a laptop for standard purposes. Even so, the graphics card is discrete so you can operate the application smoothly. The button has been tested up to 40,000 touches. Choose this product if you want a durable button.

The presence of a DVD drive is suitable for those of you who need to move old data that is still on DVD / CD. This laptop body is not easily damaged with hinges that have been tested up to 20,000 times. This product is also heat resistant because it has been tested with heat exposure for a short time.

Dell XPS 13-9380

You can use the streaming feature comfortably if you use this laptop. Dell Cinema technology allows a combination of sound, color, and slick streaming capabilities. You will get the experience of watching the theatre. Fingerprint reader

The technology ensures your fingerprint can only open data access. Therefore, the Dell XPS 13 9380 is the right choice if you often store important data on a laptop. You can also activate playlists from a distance of 4 meters with sound through the voice-activated feature.

Dell XPS 12-9250

The combination of an elegant and innovative design occurs on a screen that can be released to a tablet. You can disconnect and connect the screen via magnets without mechanical components. This makes the Dell XPS 12 9250 suitable for you who need a laptop for mobile and desktop.

This laptop screen size of 12.5 inches, can be selected by those who are less satisfied with a 10-inch tablet. The Dell Active Pen supports those of you who want to write or sketch paperless. This laptop is also the XPS series with the most environmentally friendly materials and technology.

Dell Inspiron 13-7386 2-in-1

Choose this laptop if you need a laptop with various usage modes. Tent mode can be used when cooking recipes, while stand mode is for watching movies. Meanwhile, laptop mode is commonly used on common PC usage, and then tablet mode is comfortable to read.

This product memory can reach up to 16 GB, suitable for multitasking jobs. SSD PCIe NVMe storage types allow you to operate laptops smoothly. The Dell mobile connect feature also makes it easy for you when you want to connect your laptop with various gadgets.

Dell Alienware 17 R4

Choose Dell Alienware 17 R4 if you want to operate various games with VR ( Virtual Reality ) technology. You can also play with realistic visuals, sounds, interactions, and environments. This happens thanks to the GPU NVIDIA GeForce 10 and the latest processor. The screen supports FHD, 120Hz QHD, and UHD resolutions.

You can improve your gaming skills to the level of competitive gamers or eSport teams with this laptop. This product’s cooling system is qualified, so it stays cool when operating games with heavy graphics. Also, the material is designed to be strong, protected, and comfortable.

Dell G3 15-3579

The Dell G3 3579 has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050Ti discrete graphics with Max-Q technology. This allows you to play games with clear, smooth, and realistic picture details. The screen size of 15 inches FHD resolution with an antiglare display. MaxxAudio Pro technology makes game sounds sound comfortable.

The combination of eighth-generation Intel quad-core and SSD PCIe makes your game run smoothly and quickly. This Dell G3 3579 measures 15 inches with a thickness of 22.7 mm which makes it the thinnest gaming laptop. Thus, this product is suitable for you who like to play games are on the go.


We have described how to choose a Dell laptop that you can use as a guide. We have also recommended ten of our best Dell laptops.

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