Hublot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland. A futuristic look that combines various materials and original designs makes it very attractive.

Hublot also has many series, such as Big Bang, Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang, or MP collection. It may be that this will make you wonder which one to choose.

We will give tips on how to choose a Hublot watch and recommend the best products. Hublot watches are known as “successful people’s watches” which makes its name soar as a luxury watchmaker.

How to choose a Hublot Watch

Hublot is a French word that means porthole. Bezels adorned with screws that look like windows make it fashionable.

Hublot Watch Series

Hublot was founded in 1980. Indeed, this brand is relatively new. However, Hublot has a growing interest in launching various types of popular series one after another. Get to know the characteristics of each series, then choose a Hublot watch that suits your preferences and intended use!

Big Bang series

Big Bang is the mainstay of the Hublot model created with the concept of fusion. This model makes the world of fashion go crazy because it combines gold and rubber. This innovation that combines two different materials is appreciated by people working in the fashion field—highly recommended for those of you who have a high taste.

There are many variations in this series, for example, metallic and masculine models. There are also luxurious models with jewelry. Not only that, but you will also find a colorful model. Aeroban is also popular because of its skeleton-type watch face, and you can see the work of the engine inside.

Classic Fusion Series

Among all the fashionable Hublot series, Classic Fusion is a series with a classic design, but still luxurious. The watch body itself is designed to be thin and small. Not looking tacky, this series is suitable for you to use in a business environment when wearing a suit.

This series is a 1980 classic release series that was redesigned with a more modern style. This makes it have a quieter type. Even so, this series remains popular for everyone—the combination of luxury metal colors with a current framework.

King Power Series

King Power was developed by adding waterproof and calendar features to the Big Bang series. This makes it look more sporty. This series watch also looks more prominent because of its large casing.

The movement of the engine inside can be seen; lovers of mechanical watches will undoubtedly be spoiled. The use of silicone material for the main part of this watch makes it more fitting when worn. These points make it popular for use by active people.

Spirit of Big Bang Series

Spirit of the Big Bang is the first Hublot series that uses a case -shaped tonneau (barrel). Hublot has many rugged design models, but for the tonneau form, it is considered elegant and also fashionable. This series is recommended for those who want to show an inevitable elegant charm.

MP Collection

Do you want to have a watch with a new and unusual design? The Masterpiece Collection series released in 2011 and is the latest Hublot’s work deserves to be selected. With an innovative watch concept and the latest technology, this series has a unique design, so it doesn’t look like a watch.

The watch body in this series is very futuristic, and after seeing it for the first time, you will never forget it. Watches in this series are produced in a limited manner, so you need to make more effort to be able to have it.

Using Unico Machines

Unico was first installed in the Big Bang series in 2010. This machine is a complex mechanism of 330 components which is the pride of Hublot. By adopting a two-way automatic rotation mechanism, this machine can operate for 70 hours after fully rotating. This machine is only available on watches with high specifications. Therefore, be sure also to check engine technology.

Choose the Best Watch Strap

A strap or watch belt is also one important point when choosing a watch. Hublot is known as the first brand to introduce a rubber watch strap. This is a taboo for luxury watches. However, the concept of fusion that combines a variety of different materials is also still applied, including the strap.

For example, Hublot has a strap called “gummy alligator strap”. This strap uses crocodile skin material on the surface plus rubber on the inside. The combination of these highly varied materials provides a unique and sticky sensation in the hands that feel so comfortable.

Hublot Collaboration

Hublot is also famous for its collaboration with various companies in various fields and expanding its sales channels with its marketing strategy.

There are many collaboration models, for example, those designed with the typical appearance of Ferrari or Berluti. So, it is highly recommended to choose the Hublot collaboration model with your favourite company or brand.

There are also models of collaboration with sports groups, such as soccer groups, FIFA World Cup, F1, and also famous artists. For example, such as collaboration with Usain Bolt, Jose Mourinho, and Pele.

New collaborations appear one after another. Therefore, it would not hurt to pay more attention to the collaboration models launched by Hublot.

Hublot for Women

Although Hublot does not have too many models, in some series Hublot there are still watches for women. A small watch body with an elegant design and a sprinkling of gems or jewelry makes it very popular. The model is very much in demand by foreign celebrities, so it is difficult to get it.

Another feature of the Hublot watch line for women is the machine that uses battery power. This makes it easier to use and has a relatively affordable price, highly recommended for women.

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10 Best (Recommended) Hublot Watch

If you are still looking for which model to choose, we will list some of the most popular Hublot watch models. You can select several Hublot watches with the list below:

Hublot Big Bang Steel White Diamonds

Hublot watch

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A sprinkling of 126 diamonds on a watch bezel with a simple design that makes it look very charming. Even so, this watch looks cute because the colour is not striking. You who want further to highlight the aura of luxury full of diamonds, do not miss this product.

Hublot Big Bang One Click King Gold White Diamonds

Hublot watch

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With a classic design, the watch with 42 diamonds on this gold bezel has a gorgeous and luxurious appearance. If you want a feminine watch that can be used as jewellery together, this product is a perfect choice. Moreover, these watches are included in the ranks of luxury watches with a diameter that is not too large. Very feminine!

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang King Gold

Hublot watch

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Tonneau-shaped bezel adorned with titanium bolts makes this watch has a slim and firm body line. If you like accessories with unusual shapes, this watch is ideal for you. Don’t ruin your appearance because the design of this watch is very fashionable and exclusive. Reddish-brown crocodile leather strap will also add to the luxurious impression of this watch.

Hublot Big Bang Steel Blue

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The strength of stainless steel is not in question anymore. They were coupled with the chronograph on this watch dial, giving a sporty touch to your dress style. The contrasting blue and silver colours also make this watch high visibility. Perfect for those of you who are sporty and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Hublot Classic Fusion Ceramic Blue

Hublot watch

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Hublot introduced the blue dial of this watch in 2015. The combination with a black bezel made of ceramic gives a very masculine look. Plus, this watch does not have excessive accessories, so it is suitable for use on all occasions. For those of you who want to look cool and masculine in all situations, this watch is perfect for you!

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico Carbon Red Ceramic

Hublot watch

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The distinctive red color of Ferrari on this black watch gives a charming touch. Plus, this watch dial uses a skeleton model that allows you to see the movement of the machine in detail. For those of you who like flashy watches, this product can be included in your choice list.

Hublot Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour All Black

Hublot watch

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Another Hublot collaboration with the World Poker Tour created a jet black watch. On the bezel, there are decorations of four playing card symbols. So it has a mysterious impression and becomes a very unique and interesting collection. This product can be an option if you like exclusive products because this is a limited-edition collection of Hublot.

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski King Gold

Hublot watch

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The Orlinski series has a unique dial using a facet pattern like never before. Hublot combines it with a glossy surface so that this watch looks luxurious and elegant. Plus, rose gold bezel makes it perfect for those of you who need watches as well as accessories for formal events.

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Black Magic

Hublot watch

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For those of you lovers of mechanical watches, these watches will provide great satisfaction. Skeleton dial that shows the movement of machines wrapped in a masculine and sporty body will make you interested. Plus the black color makes this watch look dashing on your wrist.

Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold

Hublot watch

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The classic series will not disappoint! Rose gold bezel gives the impression of elegance because it is black and combined with a crocodile leather strap. For those of you fans of simple classic models, but still want to stand out, this series can be an option. Also, this watch is available in several sizes.


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