The cooling pad becomes equipment that functions to reduce the temperature when the Laptop is overheating. Usually, laptops already have their cooling system. However, sometimes laptops are not able to make the engine cool so they must be overcome by using a cooling pad.

Many types of cooling pads can be found with various specifications. So that you are not confused, we will introduce how to choose the right cooling pad. After that, we will also review several fan pad for a laptop that can be reference choices, such as Cooler Master, Havit, and others. Please read the tips and recommendations below.

How to Choose a Cooling Pad

Today, many computer manufacturers produce cooling pads with a variety of variations. So that you are not mistaken about buying, we will discuss things related to how to choose a cooling pad that you need to know about.

Adjust the size of Laptop

The first thing you should notice, check whether the size of the cooling pad matches the size of your Laptop. If the seat on the cooling pad does not match the size of the Laptop, the engine cooling process will be inefficient. As a result, the performance of the cooling pad could not be maximized.

In general, a cooling pad can be used for laptops measuring 13 to 15 inches. However, there is also a cooling pad that cannot be used by large laptops measuring 17 inches and above. So, if you are using a large laptop, make sure to check the size that matches the cooling pad first.

Check Cooling Pad Performance

In general, a cooling pad works by sending wind to the Laptop from a rotating fan. This cooling performance depends on the amount, position of the fan, and the position of the gust of wind.

The Number and Position of Fans

Check the position and number of air ducts in your Laptop. After that, choose the product with the number and layout of the fan that matches the air duct. Lately, many manufacturers produce cooling pads with many fans. However, the engine cooling process does not improve unless the position of the fan and air ducts in the Laptop are aligned.

It should be noted if you want to use a cooling pad on some laptops, choose a product whose fan position can be changed. That way, the performance of the cooling pad remains maximum even if it is used on a different laptop.

Adjustable Cooling

When in a non-AC room or hot enough, of course, you want the cooling pad to work at full power. However, when in a cold temperature area, the cooling pad does not need to issue maximum performance. Therefore, choose a product with a fan operation that can be adjusted to your needs.

Cooling pads like this usually have two types. The first type reduces cooling performance by reducing fan rotation speed. Meanwhile, the second type has a button to turn off some of the fans. If you want to reduce noise when the cooling pad works without full power, you can choose the first type.

The second type is very well used for laptops that are hot in certain parts only. You can turn on the fan in an area that easily gets hot. Thus, the cooling pad can work faster and more efficiently.

Choose Aluminum Products

We recommend a cooling pad made of aluminum material. This type of material has high thermal conductivity so it can release heat quickly. If you choose a product made of metal or aluminum, choose one that has a mesh structure or a mesh pattern. Thus, the heat will come out smoothly between the nets.

Choose a Cooling Pad with a USB port

The USB on the cooling pad can function as a USB hub. Thus, you can connect peripheral devices such as USB on the mouse while turning on the cooling pad. However, this cooling pad port usually has little power. So, equipment that requires a large amount of power, such as a hard drive cannot be connected via this cooling pad port.

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10 Best (Recommended) Cooling Pad/Fan for Laptop

We will provide some of the best cooling pad/fan pad for laptop recommendations as a reference choice. Feel free to consider every feature, then find a product that suits your needs.

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop sticks around 1 “on the second side of my PC so I can enjoy cool while typing. Fan size 120 times 120 times 15 mm. 4 fans run at 1400 RPM to provide maximum ventilation. 75.35 CFM air flow.

It is very light and portable so you can support with a laptop wherever you go with not much extra charge or storage area needed. That’s a pretty good price for what you get so here hoping it will last a long time. We strongly agree that KLIM will support their products with a 5-year guarantee.

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

It comes equipped with a metal mesh front, which works very well to maximize air flow. Kootek cooling pads consist of 5 fans; one large and the other small. This special pad allows you to make all fans work at the same time or only big fans.

A stopper set is also integrated to keep the laptop in place and prevent falls. The Kootek cooling pad is designed so that it can work well with some laptop models. Blue LEDs also exist to give a modern touch product.

havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Light, portable and fits a variety of laptop models. Has a strong laptop compatibility cooling pad. Designed for gaming laptops and console use, this cooling pad can support laptops or consoles up to 15.6 “-17”. Attractive blue LED lights and RGB side lights to better know the status of the wind speed from the fan.

Mute motors and 3 large fans provide superior air flow in quiet whisper noise levels, spinning at more than 1,100 RPM. Providing good air flow allows you to work throughout the day without making noise and interrupting your flow.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad

There are two USB ports, one port can easily power the pad without the requirement for a power adapter, while the latter can be used to connect cellphones, hard drives, keyboards, and other USB devices.

With a size of 16 “metal mesh construction, it not only provides a solid base for a 10” -15 “laptop, but also optimizes airflow to improve cooling performance and heat replacement with 2 large transparent 12.5cm fans. The legs on the pad are wide and very sturdy for large support and easily folded in. The whole pad keeps the laptop cool because it has opened holed grills.

Opolar LC05 Laptop Cooler

This is the ideal choice for those who have gaming laptops, heavy systems that put significant pressure on the CPU. Not recommended for Macbook or slim notebook computers, it is recommended to look elsewhere because this cooler works with laptops that are more than 0.4 inches thick.

The fan speed can be adjusted in two modes namely manual mode and automatic mode. There is an LED screen that allows you to monitor the temperature of the air emitted from your laptop’s air vents. The material is sturdy and durable and there is no risk of any potential damage.

Pc-R5 Laptop Cooling Pad

The PC-R5 laptop cooler is designed with a 5mm iron bracket and the structure is stable and safe. Game Settings 6 high and low angles for various work and game environments. The anti-skid baffle design can prevent the laptop from slipping and protect the laptop. Suitable for most Gaming and general Laptops. With 10 red LED lights, make the smart light effect of the fan blades work.

Fan speed can be adjusted. Stay at the highest fan speed and keep up the good performance and hold the laptop from kicking the fan to the turbine speed and the annoying safety level when playing games. High-speed 85mm fan with 1400 rpm and 1 powerful 110mm fan with 1100 rpm.

Bestand Laptop Stand

High quality aluminum plate bottom which removes heat and accelerates equipment operation. The MacBook stand lifts the laptop screen to your line of sight, improves your posture and effectively protects your eyes and cervical spine, and doesn’t fatigue for long periods of time.

Lifts the front edge to hold the laptop in place & the rubber anti-slip pad protects your laptop in place and prevents unwanted scratches on your laptop. Something simple and minimal that will increase gaming laptops higher than the pads of ordinary gaming laptops out there.

KLIM Metal Laptop Cooler Fan

The KLIM cooler is ideal for laptops that don’t move. Instead of using a clip-on bracket, it uses a strip that includes a 3M mounting tape to attach to the bottom of your laptop. The sleeve then fits in the port on the cooler, leaving it to clip into place.

Variable speeds of 1,500 rpm, up to 4200 rpm. This can be dynamically adjusted on a linear scale, up to about 10% accuracy. The hotter your computer, the faster the fan draws air through the cooler, without repairs.

Cooler Master NotePal X3

The cooler has one USB port, which replaces when used by the cooler plugged into your notebook. With a weight of 2 pounds, the NotePal X3 portable Cooler Master NotePal X3 might be the perfect choice.

Made of aluminum and plastic, it feels like a solid cooler. Roughly shaped like the letter X, and features a blue LED light setting mood. It supports X3 notebooks up to 17 inches, making this cool fit for most gaming notebooks.

havit HV-F2056 Cooling Pad

The HV-F2056 has an ultra-portable slim design that is packed with 3 impressive fans. This cold cushion has a solid yet stylish design. The cooling pads are also sleek and lightweight, which means you can easily carry them wherever you go.

This product is compatible with standard size laptops that are 15.6 inches to a maximum of seventeen inches. Laptop cooling pads do not require any software because they are compatible with all models and laptop brands.


After reading our reviews, did you find a product that suits your needs? Choosing a cooling pad is difficult and easy. If you find the right product, laptop performance can improve.

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