Longines boasts of high quality and elegant watches. The series is also diverse, such as Dolce Vita, Master Collection, Evidenza, or Conquest, which is famous for its time accuracy. Besides, many different looks are depending on the series, such as chic and antique designs that are popular for men and designs with gems for women.

You might find it difficult to choose. So, this time we will provide a list of ways to choose a Longines watch and the best Longines watch recommendations. See the list below:

How to choose a Longines watch

Longines has many classic and elegant models with various specifications and functions. So what are your points when choosing a watch?

Longines has various collections with many themes. For those of you who have a big interest in the field of fashion, you must know the features of each series. Some have classic and traditional styles, and there are also products that have an elegant charm for women.

Evidenza and La Grande Classique de Longines

If you like vintage watches, we recommend classic design models such as Evidenza and La Grande Classique de Longines. Evidenza has a modern look, but still maintains a beautiful classic impression.

That makes this series has a lasting charm and can be used for a long time while La Grande Classique de Longines is touted as the result of remaking the first Longines model.

The charm of antique watches is solid! If you choose from collections that focus on tradition, you can get to know the history of Longines together.

Elegant Collection and Dolce Vita

If you like elegance, you can try Elegant Collection or Dolce Vita. Elegant Collection with a slogan that reads, “Elegance is an attitude,” very well known as a representative of Longines.

A luxurious model with a sprinkling of gems on the surface of the watch is also available so that this series can be used as an accessory too. For the Dolce Vita collection, most of them are square and have unique things that no other watch has.

This shape will give the impression of sweet and feminine on the wrist. The Equestrian series also has an artistic design, so it is known as a very elegant series too.

Longines watches are also very attractive because they have high performance combined with traditional techniques. To get the best watch, don’t just choose based on the design, but also the functionality.

Master Collection and Records series

Master Collection is the ideal choice for those who want a high-performance wristwatch. This series is one of the Longines collections that has been experienced in the technique of making watches for years.

You could say this series is the best work of Longine’s experience and technology. This series has interesting features, such as adopting a high-performance column-wheel chronograph and power reserve technology.

If you want more precision, you can choose the Record collection. The Collection has passed the COSC (Control Officiel Suisse de Chronometers) certification, which issued a standard level of precision from watch machine mechanics.

Conquest Series

All Longines watch collections are known to have a high degree of accuracy. However, if you want the most precise model, the Conquest series can be the best choice.

The reason, this Collection has the most accurate quartz machine in Swiss clock history, so it has the name VHP (Very High Precision). It attracts worldwide attention because it has higher accuracy than all other Swiss watches.

When choosing a watch, you have to choose between quartz and automatic machine type. In general, quartz machines are known to have high accuracy, while automatic machines are suitable for long-term use.

Especially for Longines, you should also check the type of caliber (name of movement) used. The following explanation.

For a Quartz Machine, Choose a Model Equipped with L288 Caliber Precision

L288 is the highest caliber system specifically developed by the Longines company. This caliber watch model has attracted a lot of attention from all over the world. That’s because this caliber can make the most accurate watch in the history of quartz clocks.

Japanese manufacturers are known for their precise quartz machines. However, to go beyond that level of precision, Longines continues to innovate in improving the performance of his watch. Indeed, most high-end watches rely on automatic systems as their engine. However, for Longines watches, we also recommend quartz watches.

For Automatic Machines, Choose the Model with the Best Movement in the World, L688

If you choose a watch with an automatic mechanical movement, we recommend a model with an L688 caliber. This is a movement system that was produced and developed specifically for Longines from the best movement system maker in the world, namely ETA. Caliber mounted on a model with a chronograph circumference issued by Longines in 2010.

Finishing is more complicated than conventional ETA machine movements and is the best movement developed using the latest technology. If you have a model that is equipped with this machine, you will indeed feel its satisfaction. Surely there are many attractive Longines automatic watch models with caliber in addition to the L688. However, you also need to look for this particular caliber.

For couples

In recent years, many people give luxury watches as gifts for weddings. If you choose a Longines watch for a wedding gift, we recommend choosing a similar model with a different size. Using a newfangled watch will strengthen the bond of the newly married couple.

Longines watches have many choices that are elegant and high quality. So, if you can choose a suitable model, it will surely be a sweet memory in the life of the bride. After reading how to choose a Longines watch, now let’s look at Longines watch product recommendations below. Find products that fit your style!

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10 Best Recommended Longines Watches

Longines HydroConquest L3.740.3.56.7

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In general, so-called elegant watches have a combination of colors that are not too much, especially striking. However, this product has broken the stigma! The three contrasting colors on these watches provide new freshness and have their charm. The performance is amazing, just right if you need a watch that stays fashionable even if it is used in heavy terrain.

Longines Master Collection L2.689.4.78.3

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This watch has a classic and elegant shape typical of Longines. The dial is quite large for a men’s watch size. Also, the number of notation uses Arabic numerals with large sizes and contrasting colors. If you are looking for a watch that provides ease and comfort in reading time, this product is perfect for you.

Longines Conquest L3.778.4.96.6

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This product has the charm of its simple design without a lot of ornaments. This is supported by the blue dial that gives freshness to the face of this watch. To be used, for example, to the office or business affairs, will certainly highlight your professional impression. It is also suitable for you who want a minimalist watch but are bored with the same colors.

Longines Conquest VHP L3.726.4.56.6

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This watch has exceptional accuracy with caliber L288, which makes it very reliable. Longines then wrapped it in a sporty look so that this watch has an inevitable appeal. In addition, this watch is not disturbed by magnetic force so that it can withstand various conditions. If you are looking for a watch for all occasions, this watch should be taken into consideration.

Longines HydroConquest L3.742.4.96.6

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This watch is perfect for those of you who need high-performance watches. Its appearance is both tough and elegant, making it suitable for use by both men and women. Because of its strength to survive in the depths of water, this watch is worthy of the title as a divers watch.

Longines Presence L4.

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For adherents of retro and vintage styles, this watch is just right to complement your dress style. This product is a representation of traditional Swiss wristwatch design. This model is designed in several sizes. You can choose the size that fits your wrist size.

Longines Evidenza L2.

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This product has a large number of notations to provide good visibility. Also, the shape of the tonneau (barrel) on the dial will give a unique and different impression from other Longines watches. For you lovers of unique and fashionable products, this watch can be the right choice to choose from.

The Great Longines Classic L4,766.2.11.2

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This product has the beauty of a very traditional watch design. A modern touch is given by pinning crocodile leather straps and a thin dial so that this watch also has the elegant charm of Longines. If you like a mix of simplicity and elegance, this watch can be added to your list of choices.

Longines Dolce Vita L5.

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If you are a watch lover who has a strong brand identity, this product is right for you. The design of the watch is sleek square-shaped, looking very distinctive in the feminine Dolce Vita series. The accessories on the dial are also not excessive, so this watch looks cute when used. This watch is also suitable for use as jewelry.

The Great Longines Classic L4.

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This watch is perfect for those of you who love the sweet and exclusive impression at the same time. The dial is thin with a sprinkling of diamonds instead of number notation. This makes this watch look luxurious when used. Besides, this watch is suitable for use in formal or casual events.

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