Clothes that are neat after ironing are certainly nice to look at. In addition, ironing also makes bacteria disappear from clothes. For those who travel frequently, a mini iron that is practical, small, and easy to pack can be an option.

You can tidy up clothes anywhere and anytime. For that below, will give you tips on how to choose a mini iron and ten mini iron products that you can consider.

How to Choose the Best Mini Iron?

Several choices of good and appropriate irons will provide various conveniences for you, not only are the results of the iron tidier but can also be done more quickly and certainly not too tedious and exhausting. Some tips on how to choose the best mini iron below:

Choose a suitable size and design

Although everyone has their reasons when buying a mini iron, generally this product is specially designed to be taken on the go. Choose a compact mini iron size, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it easy to carry. When going to buy a mini iron, try to choose an iron handle that is comfortable to grip.

Choose a Mini Iron with a non-stick Metal

To get a good, quality, comfortable and more durable iron, the choice of iron with a non-stick metal base is the best choice. If the iron you choose has a sticky base, of course, you will not feel comfortable when using it.

It is difficult to iron, the material is more easily damaged, and over time it becomes difficult to heat because the base becomes black, crusty and retains heat.

Choose an Iron made from an Insulator

Iron is a tool that uses electricity to generate heat at the base, for that choose an iron with a cover (body) made of a material that cannot conduct heat, so it is safer to use.

Besides that, the material The insulator is also safer because it cannot conduct electricity when there are damage or electricity leaks in the iron.

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10 Best (Recommended) Mini Iron Portable with Steam

Philips HD 1301

Mini Iron Portable

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Philips is one of the best quality electronic brands. Including the mini iron product, the HD 1301 series. Philips HD 1301 have a simple design with an elegant impression, the HD 1301 is dominated by white in all parts, with a slight touch of light blue.

The body is made of aluminium plastic, while the plate is made of iron which has a non-stick coating. You can adjust the heat level of this mini iron by sliding the blue knob or button, according to the instructions for the type of material or fabric.

Deerma Travel Garment Steamers

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The main advantage of the Deerma steam iron is that it can be used in three ways at once. You can wear it in a hanging, tilt, or horizontal position. That is, this steam iron is designed with a combination of standard and handheld concepts.

Not only that, but this steam iron can also sterilize clothes. The steam produced not only works to remove wrinkles but also kills dangerous bacteria in clothes. Your clothes will always be neat and bacteria-free!

Steamfast 717 Mini Steam Iron

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For those of you who like traveling , the mini iron from Steamfast can be a product that you must carry. Its size is the size of a palm, making it a compact product that can be put in a bag.

You also don’t have to wait long, in 15 seconds. This mini iron is ready to use and point it at the part of the garment you want to tidy up.

Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Mini Iron

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The Sunbeam has a Dual Voltage System (240V and 120V) and features wrinkle suppression and crease suppression. Heat regulating variable temperature control offers flexibility for various types of fabrics as well as a comfortable soft-grip.

Tobi Travel Mini Steamer

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Another steam iron product that you can try is the Tobi Travel Steamer. This product not only emits steam to tidy up and smoothen clothes, but also comes with a brush that can be used to brush clothes to make it clean from tangled threads and dust.

The steam spray produced is also stable and can be used for all types of ingredients.

Sharper Image 755 Mini Iron

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Has a 1.1-ounce water tank that heats up in minutes, equipped with 1-touch steam control and three temperature controllers for various types of fabrics. Non-stick and rust-resistant iron and an 8-foot high power cord make for easy reach. Easy to carry on the go wherever travel, craft projects and more.

CLOVER MCI-900 Mini Iron

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Lightweight, easy-to-handle mini irons for quilters and tailors. Mini-shaped head for tight spaces, fast bias technique, and appliques. We made vinyl stickers for shirts, and I bought this iron to get rid of mistakes. It works fine, but it isn’t very warm.

Polardo Travel Steamer

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Not only suitable for traveling but also suitable for home. Steam your clothes, pants and curtains, disinfect mattresses, sterilize baby clothes and toys, etc. Water on the Polardo Steamer does not leak when tilted up to 30 degrees. Mini Polardo Steamer has a small size that fits in your bag, measuring 12 oz. water bottle.

IIMII Mini Travel Steam Iron

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If you are looking for a steam iron as well as an electric iron, then you are advised to buy the IIMII Travel Mini Steam Iron. This iron has a size that is easy to carry anywhere. In addition, this iron also has another advantage, namely the smart control light will automatically turn on or off to indicate when the iron is heating up or cooling.

VICARKO Travel Mini Iron

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Portable small iron, light and foldable, compact and easy to carry. This steam iron weighs only 1.1 pounds with a removable 80ml water tank, great for use at home and on the go.

The 700W ultra-fast heating element in the Steam Travel Iron produces powerful steam in less than 35 seconds. Just press and release the steam button, a fine mist of water will be sent to remove stubborn wrinkles.


Tidying clothes even when traveling, mini iron can be the tool of choice for you to have. The form and power used also vary. Some use steam, and some use heat from metal plates. Just adjust it to your needs and also the available budget. Don’t forget the comfort of the grip.

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