Polaroid camera is the first instant camera created in the world. There are various types of Polaroid cameras that you can have, such as a classic SX-70 or 600 camera.

There are also instant digital cameras, such as the Polaroid Mint or Snap Touch camera. With so many choices, you might be confused about choosing the best camera.

We will give some tips on how to choose the best camera. We also review the best camera recommendations from Polaroid. Read on for this article to get the right Polaroid camera for you!

The Advantages of Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid Camera is the first instant camera brand in the world. Some types of analog cameras have the same details as SLR cameras. Because it is the first instant camera created, Polaroid cameras are often used as a reference for creating instant cameras.

After being bankrupt and finally revived, Polaroid cameras created an instant digital camera that uses ZINK technology. This technology is a printing technology without using ink like a printer. This special technology is also not used by other digital instant cameras other than Polaroid.

How to Choose a Polaroid Camera

As the first instant camera in the world, various types of cameras were created by Polaroid. The following are some tips for choosing the best Polaroid camera for you.

Choose by Camera Type

Polaroid cameras have three types of cameras, namely analog cameras, digital cameras, and action cameras.

Analog Camera (Manual settings)

An instant analog camera is an instant camera whose settings for taking photos are done manually. Typically, instant cameras use film for their photos. Polaroid cameras have several types of analog instant cameras, namely Polaroid Now, Polaroid Onestep, and also some instant refurbished cameras.

Because it is an instant analog camera, some types may be quite difficult to use for beginners. However, for beginners, there is no need to be discouraged because Polaroid created the Polaroid Onestep 2 i-Type, which has few buttons. Thus, this series is easier to use for beginners.

Digital Camera (Automatic Settings)

Digital instant camera is an instant camera that all settings and storage are digital. Unlike other digital instant cameras, Polaroid digital instant cameras use ZINK Zero Ink technology. Polaroid’s digital instant camera no longer needs a film to print photos. Some types of Polaroid digital instant cameras are Polaroid Snap, Polaroid Mint, and Polaroid POP.

Action Camera (Video Recording and Waterproof)

In addition to instant cameras, Polaroid also presents an action camera called Cube. Polaroid Cube is a 35 mm cube-shaped action camera that can not only take videos but can also store photos on microSD. The newest generation, Cube +, is also equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and live stream.

Check Photo Prints

There are two types of instant printouts owned by Polaroid, namely using film and ZINK technology.

Film (Photo printing machine from an analog camera)

As you well know, analog Polaroid cameras require a film to print photos. Because it is an instant camera, the captured image will be printed directly on the film. Therefore, you must be careful when using it. Don’t let your film go to waste because you took the wrong picture!

ZINK (Inkless technology for printing photos)

Polaroid’s digital instant camera uses ZINK technology. ZINK or Zero INK is a printing technology without using ink when printing. Also, the Polaroid digital camera is equipped with an editing system. That way, you can make sure the photos you take are right before printing. Another plus of ZINK technology is that you don’t need to replace ink to be able to print photos multiple times.

For Camera Collector, Refurbished Cameras can be an Option

After the brand license was purchased, Polaroid began collecting old production instant cameras for recycling. How many refurbished cameras that have been successfully recycled are the Polaroid SX-70 and Polaroid 600? Polaroid is willing to buy your old instant camera!

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10 Best (Recommended) Polaroid Camera Instant Print Out

After knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each product, we will recommend the best Polaroid camera for you. Choose wisely according to your needs and the photos you want!

Polaroid 600 OneStep

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Before the era of cellphones with a front camera, this instant camera was able to take your selfies. Capable of capturing objects up to a distance of 60 cm from the lens, you can also take photos of small objects such as flowers or insects.

Polaroid 600 is an updated camera that you can make a collection of. For those of you who want to try a selfie with retro equipment, we recommend this Polaroid camera.

Polaroid OneStep + i-Type

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If you are looking for an instant camera that is easy to use but looks unique and antique, maybe Polaroid OneStep + is the answer. The design follows the Polaroid OneStep, which was released in 1977. Despite having a classic design, this camera is equipped with a Bluetooth connection. This camera can also produce photos in both portraits and landscapes.

Polaroid SX-70

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You could say the Polaroid SX-70 is the ancestor of all instant cameras that exist today. This is one of the legendary cameras that Polaroid successfully revived. You who are a fan of photography must have heard how special the Polaroid SX-70 is.

Besides being suitable for collection, cameras that require a lot of light when taking pictures can produce very detailed and different photos. What are you waiting for?

Touch Polaroid Snap

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This digital camera has many advantages, one of which you can save images without microSD. This camera is equipped with photobooth mode, so you only need to choose the appropriate display for your photos before printing.

Besides taking pictures, this digital instant camera can also take videos up to 1080p size. So, for those of you who are looking for a multifunctional instant camera, Snap Touch is the answer.

Polaroid OneStep 2 (Stranger Things Edition)

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Stranger Things is one of the popular sci-fi horror tv series titles that air on Netflix. Following the tv serie’s popularity, Polaroid released a special edition that had the iconic color of the tv series.

Based on the narration provided by Polaroid, this camera flash was made at Hawkins National Laboratory. As a result, flash is claimed to be so powerful that it can defeat monsters! If you are a fan of Stranger Things or looking for an iconic camera with a powerful flash feature, add this camera to your wishlist.

Polaroid POP

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Polaroid POP designed with only an on/off button, this instant camera looks like your smartphone. All operations using the touch screen! Another plus is this camera can take pictures with minimal light intensity. Its small shape is also easy to carry. For those of you who are looking for a compact instant camera, Polaroid POP can be an option.

Polaroid Cool Cam 600

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The 80s were very popular with their neon colors, but Polaroid came in a slightly different color at that time. This Cool Cam 600 camera has a choice of black red or grey pink. The colors are considered contrary to the dress code of his day.

You who like retro items certainly don’t want to be left behind to collect them. Even against the style of the 80s, as the name suggests, this camera still looks cool today.

Polaroid + HD cube

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Polaroid Cube + is an updated action camera from Polaroid from the previous series. If the previous series can only take pictures up to 1080p, this one-action camera can take pictures up to 1440p.

Polaroid Cube + is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and live streaming. Do you like extreme sports, live adventures, and want always to be connected with your fans? Polaroid + Cube can be an option.

Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type

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Do you want to try an instant camera for the first time? Polaroid OneStep 2 is the answer! This instant camera only uses one button to operate it, so it is very easy to use for beginners. Another thing, Polaroid OneStep 2 has many color choices that you can choose according to your favorite.

Polaroid Mint Camera

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It can be said that the Polaroid Mint changed its view of instant cameras. The shape is not at all like an instant camera in general but looks like a power bank. This instant camera has a shooting angle like a smartphone and is equipped with a selfie mirror.

Because it is only 2 cm thick, be careful when placing it. Polaroid Mint is perfect for those of you who are very mobile. You don’t need to carry a bag while traveling, just put it in your pocket!


In this article, we have provided information on various types of cameras provided by Polaroid. You can choose from classic and digital types. Besides being useful for capturing moments, if you are a fan of the camera, you can also buy a Polaroid camera for collection.

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