A laptop stand/laptop desk is a functional tool that maintains a good sitting position so that the body does not get sore. Many laptop stands are equipped with a cooling system, and some are portable and compact.

The number of products in circulation may make you confused when you want to choose it. So that a steady decision when buying, we will explain how to choose and provide recommendations for the best adjustable laptop stand products, such as Deepcool, Rain, and Nexstand.

The Advantage Using Laptop Stand

Many people are interested in buying a portable laptop stand. However, are there any special benefits obtained from the use of these products? Before presenting product recommendations that can be your reference, we will first explain the benefits of using a laptop stand.

The main advantage is to minimize the aches in the body, such as back pain and shoulders and neck feeling stiff due to the use of laptops continuously. With a laptop stand, you can adjust the angle of the Laptop so that the body position is correct. A good position and relax will make the body not tired quickly.

Another advantage is to prevent the Laptop from overheating ( overheating ). With a laptop stand, you can make room at the bottom of the Laptop for air circulation so that performance remains optimal.

How to Choose a Laptop Stand

In this section, we will explain a few concise points in choosing a portable and adjustable laptop stand. Make the following points a guide in choosing the product that is right for you.

Choose a stand size that matches the size of the Laptop

The most important thing in choosing a laptop stand is to choose a size that suits your laptop size. In general, there are three types of laptop stand sizes, namely A4 (14-15.6 inches), B5 (11.6-14 inches), and mobile (less than 11.6 inches). The right size of the stand will certainly add to your comfort when using a laptop.

You don’t have to equate the stand with the laptop brand. However, if you are using an Apple MacBook laptop, we recommend that you buy a stand specifically made for that brand. So, your MacBook or laptop can be placed and more secure to use.

Choose an Adjustable Laptop Stand

A laptop stand whose tilt and height cannot be adjusted makes the sitting position uncomfortable. This has the potential to cause the body to get tired and stiff, and can even make your head dizzy. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a portable laptop stand whose tilt and height can be changed.

Of course, it won’t be easy to imagine the level of the slope of the stand if you only see it from the picture. However, if you choose a product whose tilt can be adjusted manually, you will find it easier to use it. Within the adjustable laptop stand category, some products can be adjusted by pressing just one button. You can choose such products if you prioritize convenience.

Compatible with an External Keyboard

Among one of the laptop stand models, some can be used as a PC ( personal computer ). This model allows you to put an external keyboard under the stand. Almost all keyboard sizes, even large ones, can enter between the stands. Bringing a large external keyboard will not be a problem anymore.

These stand models are generally designed to be quite high or have a high tilt angle. With these two things, the eyes can comfortably look at the laptop screen so that your back is no longer too sore.

Easy to Carry

Laptops are designed to be compact and lightweight so you can carry them easily. For that, you also have to choose a laptop stand that is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. You can choose a thin or foldable laptop stand so that its size is more compact so it does not hamper mobility. You can carry it in a bag without any significant difficulties.

Check Compatibility Cooler

Overheating is indeed the biggest enemy of laptops. When the temperature of the Laptop gets overheat, the Laptop’s performance can no longer be optimal. Laptops sometimes will also close programs and turn off automatically (shutdown) if it is too hot (overheat).

To avoid this, you need a laptop stand with a cooling system. Generally, this model stand is made of aluminum which does not trap heat, shaped the net as ventilation for air circulation, or has a cooling fan. Please choose the type that you like besides considering the design and comfort of its use.

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10 Best (Recommended) Portable and Adjustable Laptop Stand

Do you understand how to choose a laptop holder that we explained above? Well, in this section, you can choose your favorite product from the best (Recommended) portable and adjustable laptop stand.

Wood Style Portable Laptop Stand

When you fold it, the Laptop stands on this one turns out to be very thin. With dimensions of 23 cm × 25.7 cm, this product is very compact, lightweight, and portable. Although the size is so mini, this product is strong enough to be used for laptops measuring 11 to 17 inches.

This product also looks unique with vintage wood design. The existence of the Apple symbol makes this product more suitable to be paired with MacBooks. Perfect if you are looking for a unique wooden laptop stand that is compatible with your MacBook or Laptop.

Executive Office Solutions Laptop Desk

Executive Office Laptop Desks are very useful when it comes to working from your kitchen, your garden, or even your bed. There are many different height and position adjustments, if you want to reconfigure six connections each time.

Because it is made of plastic and aluminum, which is basically lightweight, the stand does not provide stability and easily glides around the table. If you have an expensive heavy laptop, you should consider other products.

JUBOR Adjustable Laptop Stand

JUBOR solidifies into an 11.4 ”bar which you can easily store in your bag. JUBOR Adjustable Laptop Stand is one of the most affordable laptops for travel. This lightweight stand is a smart choice for MacBooks, PCs, iPad, tablet computers, and more. Additionally, the anti-skid pad keeps your device stable for ease of work.

AmazonBasics Metal Laptop

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s own off-brand store that offers high-quality, basic, and popular products, such as laptop stands. The AmazonBasics laptop stand has about 8 adjustable height levels. It is made of a fine gauge metal mesh panel allowing better ventilation and airflow in and out of the laptop.

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand can be used as a lap table while sitting on a sofa or bed, standing desk for home and office, a TV tray for snacking, play tables, or work desks. It has a CPU fan-powered through a USB port to suck hot air from your laptop for active heat dissipation so that it can effectively keep your laptop cool and functioning while working.

MagicHold 3 in 1 Laptop Stand

This versatile holder can hold 3 combinations of the following 2 devices simultaneously. The screen can be rotated freely 360 degrees, and easily adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position.

Robust aluminum body and arms for mounting 17-32 inch monitor up to 19.8 lbs with VESA Standard (100x100mm / 75x75mm) interface such as Dell, Samsung, HP, BenQ, AOC, Acer, LG, ASUS.

Nexstand Portable Laptop Stand

KABCON Aluminum Laptop Stand

Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand

Pwr Portable Laptop Stand

Razer Laptop Stand

Lipper International 1888 Bamboo Laptop Stand


You can use a laptop stand to make it more comfortable to work. Choose a product that is the right size for your Laptop. Although it doesn’t have to be made by the same manufacturer, try to choose a stand that is only specifically made for your laptop brand. You can choose products that can be adjusted for height and tilt, or products that have a USB port.

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