Life in the digital age makes many people interested in photography. Not only as a hobby but also part of the job. In addition to the camera, there are several other tools you need to have if you want to dive into the world of photography seriously.

One of them is a tripod, which is used by photographers to keep the camera stable in an upright position. A tripod can also help take pictures more relaxed and reduce noise due to fatigue handshake.

Although the shape looks the same, various types of tripods differ in terms of height, material, capacity, capability. We will tell you how to choose a good tripod and provide recommendations on the best tripod products by comparing their performance, price, review and specifications. So what kind of travel tripod suits your needs?

How to Choose the Best Tripod

If you want to get the best tripod, you have to choose the one that suits your camera or recording device. Consider the following tips.

Check Load capacity

Tripod has a maximum load capacity that has been determined. It is recommended that you first calculate the type of camera you will use as well as other devices such as additional lenses. Only after that do you specify the tripod specifications to support your activities. If the tripod load capacity is smaller than the load it is carrying; the camera may fall or be unstable.

A tripod can last a long time if the load is placed correctly and does not exceed the capacity. The correct installation of the camera on a tripod is vital to note because it greatly affects your comfort when using it.

In addition, the load capacity can also be determined by the manufacturer. Tripods made in China are good quality at low prices, but not as strong as tripods made in other countries, like Japan.

Check Tripod head

Besides the tripod legs, another important part is the tripod head. This section is the part that helps adjust the direction by placing the camera on it. Based on the location of the shooting, the following three types of tripod heads are needed.

3 Way Head Tripod

Most tripod heads that are often used by photographers are three-way head types. This type of tripod head has a lever that can be adjusted vertically or horizontally. The settings are easily adjusted to the composition of the photo you want, such as to take a landscape image of a building/objects that are not moving.

However, the vertical and horizontal directions on the tripod head type 3 way head are set separately. This setting allows you to use only one of them. In addition to the arrangement, the size of the tripod head is also quite large, so it is a bit of a hassle to pack.

Ball Head Tripod

Standard tripod head that is widely used throughout the world is a type of ball head. Unlike the 3-way head type, this type of tripod head can adjust vertically and horizontally in one image. These settings make it easier for you to determine the composition of the image faster.

This type of tripod head has a smaller size, is flexible and has no lever like the three-way head type. These factors make it lighter, easy to carry anywhere, and suitable for outdoor photography. However, if you have already unlocked the key, both the horizontal and vertical settings are also released. You also have to adjust the composition when you use it.

Gear Head Tripod

When compared with the two previous types of tripod heads, gear heads are included that are rarely used by most people. Almost the same as three-way head, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal direction separately. The difference is no lever regulates, but the gear on this type of tripod head.

In addition, you can still change its composition after you lock the position vertically or horizontally. That way, this type of tripod head is suitable for taking product images to build objects. Even so, the complicated mechanism makes it more expensive and more substantial than other types of tripod heads.

Check Tripod material

There are various types of materials used on tripod legs. However, good tripod legs are usually made of aluminium and carbon.

Tripod legs made of aluminium have low prices. But, aluminium material is still heavier when compared to carbon. This can make it difficult for who want to take it while hiking or long trips.

For tripod legs with carbon material usually has a lighter weight and is durable. Carbon also has a high resistance to heat. This is what makes it more durable. But, there is quality, there is a price. The price of tripod legs made from carbon is usually much higher than other materials.

Best Seller Travel Tripod (2020)

Vanguard Espod

If you want to make a vlog in standing or sitting format facing the camera, you will need a tripod like this. This Vanguard is a middle-class tripod that is quite powerful and reliable. The ball head can be rotated so that we easily adjust it to the angle we want to take. I have tried many tripods, but this Vanguard tripod is my favorite.

I like it because this tripod is equipped with an antishock ring that can absorb shocks. This feature is very important because shaking can cause the camera’s angle position to become unstable. This Vanguard brand product is also quite durable. I have used it for several years, and the quality is still good.

This tripod can be used for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. The maximum load that a Vanguard tripod series can withstand is 3.5 kg. The maximum height is 1.5 meters, while the minimum height is 540 mm.

Beike Tripod Professional

Not all cheap tripods are of good quality, strong, and compact folds. This is because a tripod is not much needed. Tripods are used only in certain conditions such as long exposure shots, or when there is nothing to be asked for help to take pictures of us.

Beike may be a new name in the world of tripods, but the quality of its products is very good, the folds are neat and concise. Only one drawback, Beike still uses aluminium so that it weighs up to 1 kg less. Beike can also be a monopod. If it’s too heavy in the tripod mode, you can change it to a monopod so that the weight becomes lighter.

Making it a monopod will still be useful for perfecting the results of the photo because the monopod helps not to be shaken when we take photos. A monopod can also be used as a selfie stick and shoot at an angle from above.

Takara Lightweight Tripod (DSLR And Action Camera)

This Takara Eco-196A is the first tripod that I have. This tripod helped me in making time-lapse videos, slow motion, video blogs, to recording seminars or interviewees. This product has a minimum height of 475 mm and a maximum of 1,450. So, you can freely adjust it to the object that you want to record.

The maximum load that can be supported by this tripod is around 3 kg. That is, this tripod can support a DLSR camera that is not too big. Unfortunately, this tripod can only be used on a flat surface. For those of you who need a tripod to use in a tilted or uneven place, you should use another suitable tripod.

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Best (Recommended) Budget Travel Tripod

Here are some tripods that we recommend. Choose based on the completeness that suits your budget and needs.

Weifeng Tripod Stainless

This tripod from Weifeng will help you. The price is very affordable and suitable for you who are classified as a beginner. This tripod helps beginners to learn the settings and photography of using a tripod as an initial experiment, without having to spend too much money.

Weifeng Tripod Stainless 3110 can withstand loads up to 7 kg. The chassis is made of quality aluminium material. With a maximum height of 80 cm, it requires other objects to support it if you do not want to bend too much when taking pictures.


In addition to professional photography needs, this VCT-1688 tripod from Yunteng can be used as a selfie stick by clamping its leg segments. There is also a compatible remote shutter for selfies using smartphones with iOS or Android version 4.3 and above.

This tripod with a maximum height of 130 cm can be folded up to 32 cm in size. The load capacity of 5 kg can be sustained—material in the form of aluminum which is lightweight but still sturdy. The lightweight of the tripod and the use that varies makes you who likes traveling do not want to leave it alone when traveling.

Fotopro Tripod Flexible

If a tripod is generally placed in a standing position, Fotopro Flexible Tripod changes that perspective. This tripod is not only capable of standing upright, but can also be hung in unusual places. The flexible tripod legs allow this tripod to hang from poles, fences or even trees.

Besides being flexible, this tripod also helps you take pictures from different angles. With a maximum height of 27 cm, this tripod from Fotopro is suitable for taking macro pictures through your phone’s camera. The shape of its legs which can be set to shoot close objects, weightless than 1 kg makes it light to carry around.

Takara Tripod Lightweight

At first glance, the size of a tripod from Takara looks small and slim. Although slim, this tripod can carry up to 3 kg of camera load. You can use it to take pictures with DSLR cameras to telephoto lenses that are large enough.

This tripod foot frame material is made of carbon aluminum with a maximum height of 150 cm and a minimum height of 55 cm. For long-distance object shots, you only need to bend a little so that the image is captured correctly. This tripod includes travel friendly to be stored in a suitcase or travel bag.

Alloy Tripod Unipod 3 Legs Stand Base

The usual problem when having to record video for hours is excessive fatigue. A tripod that is also capable of functioning as a monopod of aluminum alloy can reduce it. With a maximum height of up to 166 cm, you don’t need to bend over when recording or taking photos.

You can add a quick release tool to change the position of the camera faster. The load capacity of 5 kg makes you free to use any type of camera. Wedding photographers deserve it because this tripod can maintain the stability of shooting, both video and photo.

Manfrotto Tripod Compact Light

Manfrotto Tripod can support a camera weight of up to 1.5 kg, weighs no more than 1 kg. Aluminum material makes this tripod very lightweight when taken away. This tripod is intended for those of you who like to travel long distances without having to think about luggage that is too heavy.

The tripod head of Manfrotto Compact Light Light is a ball head type. There are four levels of tripod legs that can be adjusted to the object to be taken. In addition, this tripod has a flip lock system that makes it easy for you to make sure the tripod legs are correctly locked.

Manfrotto Tripod Compact Advanced

Unlike the Compact Light type, Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod can support the camera load up to 2x fold. Tripod load of 1.4 kg can support the camera up to 3 kg. Order with aluminum material makes it easy to carry anywhere.

This tripod uses a type of 3 way head with two handle levers on the head. The lever can be folded when not in use, thus saving space when stored. The tripod legs consist of 5 levels which can be locked with a flip lock system. For you travel bloggers/vloggers, this tripod is worthy of you because of its ease of setting and portability.

Bexin Tripod Ultra Mini

As the name suggests, this Bexin tripod is truly mini-sized. In the folded state, this tripod measures only 18 cm. Very mini, right? This tripod is suitable for those of you who work as food bloggers. You can take it with a tote bag for a walk or culinary tour.

This tripod has a load capacity of up to 8 kg. This tripod leg can be widened to make it easier for you to take pictures with low angle or micro shooting. Ball head type tripod head makes shooting moving pictures smoother and less blurry.

Andoer Tripod A-618

In addition to lightweight aluminum material, this tripod can support a camera load of up to 20 kg. Also, you do not need to be too tired to bend because this tripod has a maximum height of up to 180 cm. That is why this tripod deserves journalistic / sports photographers.

In addition to maximum load capacity and height more than others, this tripod can be used for all types of photography. You can use it to take a low angle, macro, to panoramic images. Not only does it function as a tripod, but you can also use it as a monopod by removing one of its legs.

Velbon Tripod

The Velbon tripod can reduce the shocks that often occur when taking pictures. This tripod is made of lightweight aluminum material, but it is also sturdy and stable. The weight of the camera that can be supported by a tripod is 2 kg. It is suitable for your DSLR camera, mirrorless, or camcorder.

Best (Recommended) Professional Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod has an innovative foot and ball head design that reduces the size of this tripod dramatically. It folds smaller than the others on this list. One of the most expensive of tripods – but worth the price with a lifetime guarantee.

Peak Design cites a charge of up to 20 lb (9 kg), and there are not many combinations of camera lenses close to it. The company said it was designed to handle full-frame DSLRs and 70-200mm f / 2.8 lenses and above.

Sirui T-1205X Tripod

Sirui t1205x Tripod is a solid choice, and its user control system is easy to use while also providing some excellent image stabilization. Also, the counterweight hook at the base of the middle column on a tripod is perfect. You can quickly load it with weight to help improve the stabilization of your tripod when using it outdoors in windy conditions.

RRS TQC-14 Tripod

TQC-14 allows you to replace tripod legs without using power tools. TQC-14 easily positions its feet at different angles. TQC-14 is very stable for its weight, but not always the perfect platform. If it’s very windy, or if you shoot from the stream, there might be a little blurring in the telephoto image.


For those of you who have a hobby of photography, a tripod becomes one of the tools that you must have. So it is important to choose the best tripod that can support the process of taking pictures and videos.

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