Sony Walkman is famous as a small playback or music player. Even with the increase in other music players such as iPods, it is still very popular. 

Not only can you listen to music by connecting earphones or headphones, but you can also enjoy music at home by connecting speakers, and there are models that allow you to listen to the radio.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the ranking of recommended products along with how to choose Walkman. We carefully selected the most recommended items, from those that can be easily purchased to those that are particular about sound quality.

The Walkman released by Sony is one of the oldest music players in history. All series are equipped with technologies and features developed by Sony.

The Walkman is attractive because it uses high technology such as noise-canceling and balanced connection to provide more satisfying music to those who are particular about the music.

It’s often compared to an iPod, but if you want to use it purely as a music player without using any apps, then a Walkman with good sound quality is recommended. Now that the iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued, the Walkman is once again bringing attention.

How to choose a Walkman

From here, we will introduce how to choose Walkman. Carefully consider the scene you want to use and the sound quality you want, and then choose the perfect model.

Check capacity

First of all, let’s know how much capacity you can put in the number of songs you want to put in. For MP3 format music files, 4GB is 860 songs and 16GB is 3300 songs. However, in the case of the high-quality FLAC format used for high-resolution audio sources, there are about 300 songs at 16GB, which is a considerable difference depending on the file format.

Therefore, we do want to put how many songs in any file format, let’s guessed. The Walkman also has a series whose capacity can be expanded with a microSD. The larger the main unit capacity, the higher the price, but if you use microSD you can reduce the cost to the main unit, so it is also a very important point to check the compatibility with microSD and decide.

Check sound quality

When listening to music, the sound quality is of concern. Recently, various latest technologies have improved sound quality. Please pay attention to the following functions. A high-resolution sound source with the feeling that it has become firmly established recently. It contains a larger amount of information than a CD and refers to a high-quality sound source that realistically reproduces the depth and subtlety of the sound.

There are models of Walkman that support high resolution and models that do not. I will explain the series in detail later, but please keep in mind that the A-series, ZX series, and WM1 series support high resolution. Another thing to keep in mind for high-resolution models is the DSEE HX function.

DSEE HX is capable of upscaling to high-quality sound quality equivalent to high resolution by predicting and complementing the information formerly possessed by compressed music files such as MP3.

The problem with high-resolution sound sources is that they have a large capacity and are expensive to purchase. Still, this feature is very convenient because you can eliminate that point.

LDAC Wireless Bluetooth

LDAC is a Sony technology that maintains sound quality without deterioration, even when transferring high-resolution sound sources via Bluetooth. Therefore, even if the main earphones are wireless, you can enjoy high-quality music.

In a Bluetooth environment, it wasn’t easy to maintain the sound quality of high-quality sound sources such as high resolution, so this is a truly breakthrough technology. This is installed in Walkman other than the SW series.

Check Connection Balance

The WM1/ZX series also supports the balanced connection of earphones. The balanced connection is a connection method that completely separates the sounds of the left and right earphones to reduce noise. You can enjoy clearer and clearer music, so it is recommended for those who want high sound quality.

However, please note that it is necessary to prepare compatible earphones for a balanced connection.

Select the Series According to Usage

Walkman develops five series of S, A, ZX, WM1, and W. There are differences in the installed functions, so let’s choose the series that suits your usage.

S series (ease of use)

If you want to enjoy music easily, we recommend the S series. Compared to other series, it is compact and light, and the price is relatively reasonable. It’s compact, but the battery lasts a long time. The music playback is as long as 52 hours. It can be used not only for commuting to and from school but also when traveling overnight.

However, you cannot increase the capacity with microSD, so be careful about the capacity when purchasing. In addition to the cute and pop color variations of the S series, there are many collaboration models. Disney, Hatsune Miku, Peanuts (Snoopy), etc. had been deployed in the past. New collaboration models are actively released.

A series (high resolution)

The A-series is recommended for those who are starting to get interested in high-resolution sound sources. It supports high-resolution sound source playback and microSD, respectively. The price is also quite low compared to other models as a high-resolution compatible player. Even if you don’t have a high-resolution sound source yet, you’ll be satisfied with the DSEE HX function.

You can enjoy upscaled music with high-quality sound equivalent to high resolution. Similar to the S series, there are plenty of collaboration models available. This series is especially active in collaboration with popular anime and games, so if you like 2D content, you may find a collaboration model with your favorite work.

ZX series (good sound system)

The ZX series is recommended for those who are accustomed to high resolution and have more sound sources and want to enjoy better sound. You can enjoy a very clear high tone and stable low tone with a smart size product of the top model WM1 series described later.

Compatible with ten band equalizer. You will be able to create your favorite sound or a sound that is perfect for your headphones and earphones.

WM1 series (superb sound)

The WM1 series is the flagship model of the Walkman series, is recommended for those who always want the finest and finest sound. We are also particular about the material of the main body, and aluminum cutting housing model and oxygen-free copper cutting housing model are sold. Still, the price difference between these two models is about 200,000 yen (Sony store price), a considerably large range there is.

However, if it is a product that achieves this level of sound and can be carried around, both can be said to have excellent cost performance. However, the weight of the main body of both models is heavy, so it seems that those who place importance on ease of carrying should consider that point.

W series (integrated headphones)

The W-series Walkman, which is wirelessly integrated with headphones, recommended for those who do not want to carry their terminal separately from their smartphone. We have a lineup of products that are extremely light in weight. All models have great compatibility with sports.

There is also a model equipped with a waterproof function and an external sound capturing function, and it can be used in all situations. The waterproof protection class is IPX8/5. Of course, it is also expected to be used in the bath and the sea.

Not only can be used as a Walkman, but it can also be connected to Bluetooth compatible devices, recommended for those who want wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Walkman accessories

The Walkman has different accessories depending on the series and model. Various accessories such as earphones let you hear the sound optimized for that model and models with speakers. If you plan to listen to music with high resolution, but do not have compatible earphones, it is easier to select the model that is included as an accessory.

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7 Best (Recommended) Sony Walkman Series (2020)

Here are seven recommended Walkman products. Carefully consider the sound and the scene in which it will be used and then select the perfect model. The ranking is based on the best-selling market rankings (2020) of each EC site such as Amazon, Rakuten, Lazada, and eBay! Shopping.

Sony Walkman NW-WS623

W series with integrated headphones. With a lightweight of 32g, it will be useful during sports. One of the features is that it can be connected to other compatible devices such as smartphones as Bluetooth headphones. It will be perfect for those who are looking for various items that can be used.

Sony Walkman NW-WM1A

It is an aluminum cut housing model that reproduces soft sound quality. It is a product that is particular about the material of the main body for audio and is recommended for those who want the best sound quality.

The sound quality when listening to it with a balanced connection is very good, and I am sure that I will be satisfied with this price. If you want to hear the sound quality and fine details clearly, please give it a try.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX507

With a balanced connection, you can enjoy the clear sound with little noise. The AI ​​function analyzes the music you have and makes the sound as high-resolution as high-quality sound so that you can hear even the finest sounds.

One of the attractions is that it supports high resolution, both wired and wireless. You can enjoy high-quality music with any style of earphones. It costs a little, but it’s perfect for those who are particular about it.

Sony Walkman NW-WS413

Walkman with integrated headphones is recommended for those who want to use it on a trip. It can be used for up to 60 minutes (3-minute charge) and up to 12 hours (90-minute charge), you can use it without worrying about running out of battery.

I’m worried that it will not be heavy if it is a headphone type, but since it is lightweight at about 32 g, I do not have to worry about neck and shoulder pain even if I use it for a long time. This model is recommended for those who want to enjoy outdoor sports while listening to music.

Sony Walkman NW-A105

Sony Walkman NW-A105 is a model that can enjoy the clear sound with high-resolution, high-quality sound. It is equipped with AI technology and automatically improves the sound quality, so you can enjoy the music you normally listen to more clearly. It is recommended for those who are not satisfied with the S series.

It also features streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify. You can enjoy your favourite music with high sound quality. If you want to put in a lot of music, you may want to choose a larger one such as NW-A107 (64GB) and NW-A106 (32GB) in the same series.

Sony Walkman NW-A55

A series that supports high resolution but is kept at a low price. Even compressed files such as MP3 will be converted to high-resolution sound and recommended for those who are interested in high resolution but do not have a compatible device or sound source.

The body made from carved aluminium is also luxurious, and it is fun to choose your favourite color from 5 color variations. This is a model only for the main body, but a model with earphones etc. is also available.

Sony Walkman NW-S315

This model features about 3600 songs and is light and easy to carry. The body weighs only 53g and is small enough to fit in your hand. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy music easily and can enjoy music anywhere.

It has a long battery life of 52 hours, so you can enjoy it without worrying about running out of charge. The NW-S313 in the same series has almost the same specifications and 4GB (about 830 songs), so if you want to select only the songs you like carefully, you should choose another model.


I introduced the recommended Walkman, and how to choose each series, how was it? Each Walkman has different characteristics, so be sure to choose the model that has the functions you want. There are plenty of nice features such as FM radio, recording function, and language learning function. Let yourself feel the music!

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