The name Toshiba is still under the shadow of other brands in the laptop market. However, this does not mean that this Japanese company does not have quality products. They are constantly launching innovative products for their laptops.

This is evidenced by choice of products that come in a variety of designs and cutting-edge features to meet consumer needs. If you are looking for the latest Toshiba laptops, here are recommendations from Thegreennut that you can choose from.

How to Choose the Best Toshiba Laptop

In the article below, we will list the ten best Toshiba laptop series based on your needs, quality and price.

Type of Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba laptops have a design according to the type of activity of the user. For office and school needs that require high mobility, there is a light and thin ultrabook. You can also choose the type of touchscreen or flip the laptop to facilitate interaction with the laptop and make it flexible, especially during presentations.

For design and gaming needs, a laptop with a high processor, graphics, and memory is needed. Usually, it can be found on high-performance type laptops equipped with an i7 processor and up to 1 Tb of memory. As well as graphics cards from Nvidia series 9 or 10.

Specifications and Connectivity

Check the completeness of connectivity support such as Bluetooth, USB port, and others if you often share data. For eye health, you can choose a screen with anti-glare technology and a backlight keyboard. Besides, there is a Toshiba laptop with an additional memory slot in case the built-in memory isn’t enough.

The most important specifications are the laptop processor and RAM. The higher the generation of processors and RAM, the faster it takes for the laptop to run commands, and the graphics are sharper, especially if you use it to play games.

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10 Best (Recommended) Toshiba Laptop Series

Toshiba Portege X30-E

Best Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba manages a laptop that performs well with a built-in quality that is so tough. The Portege X30-E has cutting-edge features combined with a very responsive processor, a speedy boot process, to some very helpful peripherals in it.

The X30-E screen measures 13.3 inches which have Full HD resolution. Do not forget the keyboard that can light up to type in low light. In dimensions, the thickness of this laptop is very thin, only 1.6 cm with a total weight of 1 kg less.

Magnesium material throughout the body, which is sturdy and light. The embedded USB port has a USB sleep & charge feature. You can charge your smartphone when the laptop is turned off, a.k.a the Portege X30-E as a power bank.

For offal specifications, Toshiba uses the 8th generation Intel i7 processor combined with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, and internal storage in the form of a 256GB Solid State Drive. These specifications make it ideal for use by private workers and students working on final assignments.

Toshiba Portege Z30-E

Toshiba Portege X30

Nowadays, we need a laptop that can support the needs of workers. It is not surprising because today’s workers are required to have a fast response and high mobility.

Toshiba released the Portege Z30-E series, which is specially designed for those who are no longer bound by the limitations of working behind an office desk during the day.

This laptop is light, only 1.2 kg because it uses a magnesium frame. Even so, the size is still comfortable because it uses a 13.3-inch screen. Another endurance is a large battery which is claimed to last more than 12 hours. With proper use and in full conditions, Toshiba claims the Z30-E can last up to 18 hours.

Multitasking capability is guaranteed smooth because of the enchanting offal specifications. The processor used is an Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-Core combined with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Have a 256 GB SSD type M2 to support faster-computing performance. The embedded Toshiba motherboard provides several additional slots for upgrades at a later date. You can add RAM up to 32 GB!

Toshiba Portege X20W-E

Toshiba Portege series

This high-class laptop series can be one of the mainstay products in various fields. Whether it’s for office work with Microsoft Office, playing games, to graphic design matters. The reason for this ability is the use of an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor chip combined with 8GB of RAM.

Not to mention the use of 256GB SSD type internal storage for faster boot performance and processing. Although using a graphics card that is integrated with the processor, it is capable of processing graphics, such as editing photos and videos with large standard resolutions.

The screen size is 12.5 inches which already has full HD resolution. The good thing is, you are still comfortable working outdoors thanks to the panels that are already anti-glare, reflecting light.

Not to mention the layer protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for toughness and free from fingerprints. Understandably, the X20W-E screen is a type of touchscreen.

The super flexible hinge allows you to use this laptop in various modes. Starting from regular mode, tablet mode, tent mode, to flat surface mode. Also, the touch screen is compatible with several stylus models.

Toshiba Portege A30-D113

Best Toshiba LapBest (Recommended) Toshiba Laptop

This 4 Kg laptop has 8 Gb of RAM and 256 Gb of SSD type internal memory. Equipped with a seventh-generation i7 processor, so you don’t have to worry about the laptop experiencing lag that hinders your activities.

The screen measures 13.3 inches in high resolution and is designed to be anti-glare so as not to hurt the eyes. A webcam camera, dual microphone, DVD drive, and 3 USB ports are also pinned by Toshiba to help connectivity.

The overall design of this laptop looks classic. With stiff angled angles, but at the same time, black color with a matte-like coating still makes it look elegant and contemporary. The screen is also pleasing to the eye even though it has thick bezels all around.

The computational performance offered is guaranteed to be satisfactory because it combines high-class components. Because it is designed for office workers, the keyboard is made as comfortable as possible with the right travel distance and soft keys. The touchpad is also made very accurate and precise to minimize clicking errors when not using the mouse.

Toshiba C55 C2052

Toshiba laptop C55

Do you want to look cool while sitting in a cafe while doing your assignments? Just use a Toshiba C55 laptop. This portable computer has qualified offal specifications for simple and straightforward daily work. 4 Gb of RAM and 500 Gb of internal hard disk types have been embedded to provide support for this.

Ease again, and there are two slots to increase RAM capacity and an internal slot that is compatible with SSD. So you can turn it into a high-end laptop quite easily. The display is quite wide compared to other products because it is embedded with a 15.6-inch wide LCD screen.

Take it easy, and visual satisfaction is guaranteed to be satisfied because the resolution is Full HD. If you buy this product, you will also get a 1.3 Mp webcam feature, a card reader slot, and a USB port.

Even though it seems wide, the thickness of the C55 is still friendly in a backpack.

Its weight is also not too heavy, around 1.5 kg. Not to mention the shiny gold color bandage that beautifies her appearance. Almost all of the materials are made of plastic, and the impression is almost invisible due to the use of carbon-like motifs.

Toshiba Portege X30-D128

Toshiba Portege X30

Playing AAA heavyweight games is ensured to remain smooth using this Portege X30 laptop. The specs are great with a massive 16GB RAM and seventh-generation Intel Core i7 processor. You can also play anywhere because of its lightweight, not more than 2 kg.

If you want to stream while playing, there is an HD quality webcam that is assisted by a dual microphone to help communication. Compactness to help mobility is realized thanks to its thickness which is only 1.5 cm and a relatively compact screen span, 13.3 inches.

The existence of a solid-state drive as internal storage helps boot performance quickly, and the ability to process computing is quite heavy, including multitasking.

Because it is classified as a flagship laptop, the screen resolution is also incredible. You can enjoy Full HD resolution videos with detailed and bright colors. So for other multimedia activities, guaranteed Portege X30 can devour it perfectly.

Toshiba Tecra A40-D128

Toshiba Tecra

This laptop has a screen that is wide enough, which is 14 inches, and also has an anti-glare feature, so it is suitable for those of you who like to watch movies at night.

It has an Intel i5 processor, while the graphics are IntelĀ® HD graphics 620. The memory capacity is quite large, namely 4 GB RAM and 1 Tb hard disk. A 1-year official warranty is also included in the purchase of this 1.8 kg product.

This laptop is designed for simple computing. For example, office work that emphasizes the use of Microsoft Office, as well as college academic assignments. So do not be surprised if Toshiba embeds very large storage. You can save all work data and entertainment files in your spare time.

For graphics processing, because it uses an integrated graphics processing card. You can’t use it for heavy things because supporting specifications such as RAM use middle-class components. However, you don’t need to worry because you can still use it for Photoshop software.

Toshiba P55W-C5316

Toshiba P55W

The screen is 15.6 inches wide with touchscreen technology and can be rotated up to 360 degrees. The flexible hinge allows you to use this laptop in a variety of modes. This product with a weight of 2.5 kg has 8 GB of RAM and 1 Tb of internal hard disk memory.

The most interesting feature is the keyboard backlight to make it easier for you to type even in a dark place. The processor used is the sixth generation core i7 type that is capable of just daily activities.

For example, working on various documents and sheets, surfing the internet, opening access to social media, to just entertainment activities such as watching and listening to music. It is noteworthy, the sound performance of the built-in speakers is also very impressive with a powerful output.

Thanks to the flexible screen, you can carry out entertainment activities even more comfortably. You can also use an external keyboard and mouse while installing the laptop in tent mode. That way, the viewing angle to the laptop can be even better and feel a different experience.

Toshiba Radius P25W-C2302

Toshiba Radius P25W

Toshiba Radius series laptops have a touch screen measuring 12.5 inches and can provide Full High Definition resolution. The kitchen has specifications that are as good as 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD type internal memory, and the 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor.

Brushed metal color on the surface of this laptop weighing 1.3 kg gives an elegant impression. Its lightweight and cool appearance make you more confident when taking it to work or college.

This convertible laptop is ideal as a partner for work and entertainment. Its 360-degree hinge makes it like a tablet. The touch screen is also accurate, and it can even read up to 10 touches at once. Guaranteed you can feel the sensation of flexibility in activities comfortably.

The specifications have been mentioned earlier are very helpful in realizing smooth computing. It is unfortunate because Toshiba is still using the sixth generation of processors, at a time when some of the latest models are already using versions eight to above.

However, this shortcoming is covered by a capable design and the ability to watch in various screen fold modes.

Toshiba Satellite L50T-B1779

Toshiba Satellite L50T

Confused about having a new tablet or laptop? Why not both? There is a Toshiba Satellite L50T which has a 360-degree hinge. So you can rotate the screen until it gets stuck and is like a tablet. The touch screen is also accurate and precise, and you can even touch it with ten fingers to operate certain things.

This product has a 15.6-inch widescreen with high definition resolution. Not only that, but there is also TruBrite 10-Point Touchscreen technology. For the specification, there are 4 GB of RAM and internal storage of the type of hard disk 500 Gb.

This laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor has complete connectivity support, and there is a memory card slot, USB port, and BlueTooth.

Because the screen is so wide, as well as a variety of different usage modes, allows you to watch multimedia activities, including watching cooking videos while imitating the chef’s cooking method.


Toshiba laptops are available in various models to support work, school and gaming needs. The advantages of Toshiba products are their strong physical resilience and amazing graphic quality, so they are durable and spoil the eye.

Additionally, their laptops are sold at a variety of price ranges so they can fit any budget. To determine the right product; What needs to be considered is the type and specifications.

Don’t forget to match the memory and processor according to your needs so that laptop performance remains smooth.

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