Smartphones are electronic devices that are essential for everyone. In addition to communicating, smartphone functions are widely used to document activities.

One of the considerations when looking at the quality of a smartphone camera is how good the bokeh is produced. Through this article, we will explain to you tips on how to choose a bokeh camera.

Smartphone brands such as Samsung, Asus, and iPhone are also included in our recommendation list. Therefore, read till the end!

How to Choose a Good Quality Bokeh Camera

There are several points that you must consider before buying a bokeh camera. Consider the following points.

Check the Pixels

The first point that you should pay attention to when buying a bokeh camera is the pixelS. The large megapixel on the smartphone camera can also be a benchmark for getting precise results. In addition, the larger the megapixel size on a smartphone camera, the bigger the photo size will be.

Another thing to note is the number of main cameras. The number of cameras is of course very much determining the results of the photos you will get.

Although it does not guarantee to produce bokeh quality photos, at least an additional camera will provide better quality. For that, choose a cellphone with more than one main camera.

Camera Features

The camera feature on the cellphone determines the quality of the photos you get. For that, there are several features that you should check when buying a cellphone with a bokeh camera. 

A Large Aperture to Determine the Quality of the Bokeh

The main feature that determines the quality of the bokeh in photos is the aperture. In photography, the aperture is also called the sensor opening in a camera. The mention of aperture on each type of camera is represented by the letter F, followed by a number.

Generally, a smartphone camera is equipped with a camera with an aperture of F / 2.2. This number represents the number of holes or places where light enters the camera lens. The smaller the number, the more light will enter the camera sensor.

That way, shooting in low light conditions will still be good. In addition, the aperture number is also a measure in getting bokeh photos. In photography, bokeh means blurring. This technique allows you to get a photo with a blurry background.

The Autofocus Feature Minimizes Blur Photo Results

The next feature that you should pay attention to when you want to buy a bokeh camera smartphone is the presence of autofocus. This feature helps you in locking photo objects so that the results look clearer.

For example, when you take a picture of someone walking. With this feature, the photos won’t be blurry. This feature is also quite important for those of you who like portrait styles.

The autofocus feature will optimize a person’s facial expressions. For that, first, try the camera feature on the cellphone that you want to buy to see the quality of the results.

Night Mode Feature for Best photos in Low Light Conditions

Taking pictures, of course, knows no time limit. Both day and night, taking pictures can be done anytime and anywhere. However, how do you get clear photos without noise in low light conditions? The answer is to take advantage of the night mode feature.

Photos at night or in dark conditions generally cause noise or coloured dots. With night mode feature, you will get camera settings that can better photograph objects in the dark.

Check RAM and ROM on the Smartphone

The larger the megapixel size of the camera on the cellphone, the more memory it will use. For that, make sure your cellphone still has storage capacity for each photo you take.

The internal storage capacity on a cellphone is known as ROM (Read Only Memory). The ROM function on a cellphone is also responsible for storing data from installed applications so that they can be run.

Apart from seeing the amount of ROM on a cellphone, another specification that must be considered is the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory).

The RAM function on a cellphone is to read, write data, and run applications quickly. This means that the more RAM on your cellphone, the faster the image capture process via cellphone will be. 

Each cellphone also has RAM and ROM variants of different sizes. Generally, a cellphone has a combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, or even higher. But for those of you who need even more storage, use an external storage memory such as a microSD.

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5 Best (Recommended) Smartphone Camera to Make Bokeh Effect

Have you read the tips on how to choose which we have described above? Now, we will recommend five of the best bokeh camera smartphone products for you.


Asus ROG 3, Bokeh Effect

For shooting portraits and close-ups, the second camera on this product relies on depth-sensing technology. This technology displays an artistic bokeh effect, exposing objects with sharp focus and blurry backgrounds. Good for you who want smartphone bokeh quality while collecting smartphone games.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10+, Bokeh Effect

Selfie lovers, make sure this product is in your hands! The camera feature has a 12MP(wide) + 64MP(telephoto) + 12MP(ultrawide) resolution, which will produce clear and high-resolution selfie photos. Also equipped with a selfie focus which will make the background look blurry.

The camera will automatically detect faces while still providing a bokeh effect in the background. This selfie focus feature is maximally used during the day. With the convenience it offers, get ready to have some best photography.

HUAWEI nova 5T

Smartphone Camera

Even if you only use a cellphone, you can still shoot professional photographer-class. To support your photography, HUAWEI nova 5T can be an option.

To shoot close-up photos, you can use the bokeh camera feature. Kirin chipset’s 5G supports the bokeh effect of this product. This technology can produce a bokeh effect that looks more natural. Make your model look more stunning with this product!

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Bokeh Effect

The depth control technology that the three cameras have on this product displays a perfect bokeh effect. In the main camera, there is also a Quad-LED dual-tone flash. For image stabilization, you don’t have to bother setting it up because it’s automatic.

If you are bored with the same selfie photos, you should try the front camera called TrueDepth. You can choose effects such as natural, studio, contour, stage, mono stage, and high-key mono. Besides displaying a bokeh effect, your selfie photo will look artsier with a wide selection of effects!

Mi Note 10 Pro

Bokeh Effect

This product comes by offering a variety of sophisticated and modern features, even beyond a digital camera. Equipped with a Penta camera or five main camera options, you can explore various interesting photography styles. One of them is the ability of the 12-megapixel resolution portrait mode.

With a 50mm lens, the resulting photo quality is optimal with high accuracy of focus. Even in low light, you can produce portrait photos with cool bokeh backgrounds. For those who like the convenience of shooting photos, this product is the right choice!

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