Gucci is known as an upscale brand from Italy that uses leather. Not only bags and wallets, but this brand also makes attractive unique watches. Gucci watches consist of various series, such as Gucci G-Timeless, Gucci Dive, and Gucci G-Chrono.

The number of series will certainly make you confused in choosing. We will explain how to choose a Gucci watch along with a list of recommendations for the best Gucci watch for you.

How to Choose a Gucci Watch

First of all, we will explain how to select it first. Consider the characteristics of each series and get the most suitable for you.

Gucci G-Timeless

The classic Gucci watch series is the G-Timeless series. Below, we will explain the characteristics of the series. If you are looking for a watch for work or a formal event, we recommend this series.

G-Timeless is a stylish series that is suitable for anyone to wear. Some models of this series have Gucci symbols and backlights that can glow in the dark on the dial.

Some models are equipped with straps that are very comfortable when worn.

Gucci the Le Marché des Merveilles

If you want to look unique, the Le Marché des Merveilles series that comes with a bold design is suitable to choose from. This series displays animal motifs, such as tiger, snake, and bee on the dial.

The strap is also made striking with a combination of red and green or red and blue. Animal motifs on some models of this series not only exist on the dial, but also the strap. The perfect watch for you who wants to look different!

Gucci Diamantissima

For women who want to wear stylish watches, the Diamantissima series is a perfect choice. This watch does not use numbers as a timepiece. Without excessive design on the dial or strap, the Diamantissima series gives the impression of being simple and elegant.

Gucci G-Chrono

The G-Chrono series is recommended for men who love metal watches. This series watch is made with a look that looks firm and masculine. On the dial, there is a Gucci brand name that is visible. For office or daily activities, this watch will make you look calm and dignified.

Gucci Dive

If you are looking for the right Gucci watch for outdoor activities and sports, you can choose the Gucci Dive series. This series is made with waterproof features to a depth of 200 meters. Moreover, this series also has a reverse rotation prevention bezel.

Unlike the ordinary bezel, the bezel on this watch can only be rotated in one direction to prevent it from being turned accidentally. The pointer can light up in the dark. For those of you who are concerned with functionality, you will get it from this series.

Not only is the function capable, but the Gucci Dive series is also available in a variety of attractive and unique designs. Combined with the bright colors offered, you will be the center of attention! The strap material used is PVD, which is lightweight and durable. It is suitable for sports and other outdoor activities!

Gucci Bracelet-shaped
Bracelet-shaped watches will be great for those of you who want to look pretty. For most women, watches are not only a timepiece, but also an everyday accessory.

With a Bracelet-shaped watch, your wrist will look more stunning. You can wear it to accentuate the feminine side at a party or date.

Gucci G-link

Gucci G-Link will beautify your hands. Gucci G-Link made of fine polished stainless steel with folding clasp. Scratch-resistant and water resistance up to 30 meters makes this watch worthy.

Gucci G-Link is a new series from Gucci watch, and you will also get a two-year warranty from all Gucci watch products.

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The Best Recommended Gucci Watches

The Gucci company expanded and began producing luxury watches in 1972. Gucci remains one of the leading watch manufacturers and manufacturers throughout the world. Gucci sells three categories of watches: automatic watches, quartz watches, and bracelet watches. Now we recommend the best Gucci watch you can choose from.

Recommended Gucci Watch Men

Gucci G-Timeless Blue Motifs YA126328

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This is a watch with a dark blue dial design. This watch is also packaged with various functions, made of stainless steel casing and connecting bracelet. The GG logo right at 12 carries functions perfectly, including the date window on number 6. This watch gives the impression of professionalism, intelligence, confidence.

Gucci G-Chrono Guilloche Dial YA101324

Gucci G Chrono YA101324

This is a watch with a beautiful diamond-studded design. This watch is also packaged with different functions, made with stainless steel casing and connecting bracelet. The black button in the center perfectly carries functions, including the date window at 8 o’clock and two subdials. The diamonds are neatly arranged in the shape of the letter G.

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Gucci G-Timeless Brown GG Dial Men YA1264035

Gucci G-Timeless Brown GG Dial Men YA1264035

At first glance, this watch does look ordinary and simple. So many features! One of them is the use of sapphire crystal glass, which is scratch resistant. If you are a connoisseur of fashion who doesn’t want to look flashy, you can consider this watch. With a GG patterned leather material strap, you will get a formal look, but still stylish.

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Gucci GG2570 Watch YA142305

The GG2570 series is an iconic series from Gucci. In addition to its distinctive colored strap Gucci, this watch also features a unique timepiece. Instead of numbers, this product uses a pointer that is shaped like a small stick. It can light up in the dark! For those of you who like to spend the night in the wild, no need to bother anymore when you want to check the clock.

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Gucci Dive Black Dial YA136210

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The Gucci Dive series watches are equipped with a waterproof feature of up to 200 meters. With these features, this product is perfect for activities on the water, such as sailing or surfing. If you love water sports, we recommend this watch during your activities.

Recommended Gucci Watch Women

Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA1264038A

Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA1264038A

For women who are feminine, you can choose this one watch. The iconic GG Blooms motif makes this product look elegant. The details of the GG logo pinned to the needle also add to its beauty. Even though the dial and strap are filled with motifs, this watch does not look tacky.

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Gucci G-Frame Watch YA147503

The specialty of this watch is the use of pyramidal sapphire crystal instead of numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 on the dial. Beautiful and sparkling! Unlike other watches, the strap on this product is made like a bracelet that ties your hands.

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Gucci The Wonderland Market YA1264061

Gucci The Wonderland Market YA1264061

Designed directly by Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s design director, this watch gives a different unique impression. With a large bee image on the dial, this watch is not equipped with a number at all. This product also has a Gucci distinctive color on the dial and strap. For those of you who feel unique and want to look different, this watch can make you look more charming.

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Gucci Diamantissima YA141404

Gucci Diamantissima YA141404

Are you looking for something that can exude your elegant style? You can choose the Diamantissima series. The diameter is only 27 mm and is suitable for those of you who have small wrists. With a button that has a beautiful like a pearl, this watch will look elegant when worn. A lightweight PVD case will support your appearance to make it look prettier and sweeter.

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Gucci G-Frame YA147410

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The Gucci G-Frame series watches look very feminine and elegant. There is a gold bee on the dial from the Gucci G-Frame version YA147410. We recommend this watch for you because it looks luxurious with the GTC G-Frame YA147410 gold PVD bracelet color and is waterproof to a depth of 30m.

How to Check the Authenticity of a Gucci Watch

Gucci watches are one of the most frequently forged. The fake Gucci watch looks real but is made with a bad mechanism, of no value, and is illegal. Before buying a Gucci watch, consider whether the item is fake. Here are the tips for you:

Check the front face of the watch (the dial). Gucci watches are exact, have a uniform number, and perfect spacing. Figures on fake watches may have odd spacing and are not the same size. Learn hour and minute hands.

Gucci watches use fair Swiss Quartz. The words “Made in Switzerland” appear in the lower center of the face under the 6 o’clock position. The fake clockwork movements may appear irregular.

Turn the watch. The original Gucci watch has a serial number on the back. If you don’t see anything other than the shape name Gucci, the watch might be fake. There is no original Gucci watch that displays only the shape of the container and the name without additional markings. And the shape on a Gucci replica is usually bigger than the original watch. Visit the Gucci website to find out its original form.

Feel the weight of the watch. Gucci watches are made of solid material. A fake Gucci watch will be much lighter than the real one. Gucci watches are usually made of stainless steel and gold. The real one uses metal without a cavity, but the fake one has a hollow link.

Look for the original image of the watch that you bought from an online store or auction site. The photos must be in high resolution so that you see the details. Traders usually do not show stock photos of watches. But the pictures must be from certain parts that are for sale. Ask for more pictures if you doubt the authenticity of the watch.

Look for proof of purchase if you buy a Gucci that has been used. Look for where the watch was originally bought. Your Gucci watch must have an authenticity card or certificate of authenticity.

Check the serial number. Gucci watches have their mark, which helps certify their authenticity. If you know the serial number of the watch you want to buy, you can contact the jewelry shop or Gucci retailer to verify the authenticity of the watch before making a purchase.

Consider the price. A new Gucci watch will range from $ 650 to thousands of dollars. If the price is 35 percent lower than the retail price, the Gucci watch is likely to be fake.

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