The camera is a very important tool for documenting activities. One camera brand that is quite well known and has many users is Lumix. Some of the best-selling series on the market include Lumix DC-GF10 and Lumix DMC-G7K.

However, how do you choose the best Lumix camera for both novice and professional users? Through this article, we will review the ten best Lumix camera recommendations for you. We will also review tips on choosing a Lumix camera, so you don’t want the wrong one.

How to choose a Panasonic Lumix camera

Some series on Lumix have different features and capabilities. So you can have a Lumix camera that can function optimally, see the reviews below!

1.Adjust the Level

Not everyone needs a camera with high features. In addition to considering budget factors, buying a camera will be better if it is adjusted to your level of expertise.

Lumix Digital Cameras (for Beginners)

Many people feel less confident when using a camera that looks small. Digital cameras are good enough for you who are entering the learning phase. By mastering the technique of taking pictures through digital cameras, you can easily use various types of cameras. For that, for those of you who are starting to take pictures, choose the type of digital Lumix camera.

For digital cameras, Lumix has several types that are sold in the market, such as selfies, compact, prosumer, and waterproof. Generally, this digital camera type has a shorter and lighter body than the DSLM ( Digital Single Lens Mirrorless ) and S Cameras types.

There are several types of digital cameras from Lumix, which are famous, such as Lumix DC-LX100M2, Lumix DMC-SZ10, and Lumix DC-FT7GA. All three cameras are highly recommended for those who are just starting or learning to take snapshots.

Lumix DSLM Cameras (for Intermediate)

If you have started to become proficient in photographing or intermediate level, usually you already understand the technique of photographing and photo composition. When you have mastered both, you will need a camera with quite sophisticated features. The need to take pictures of subject matter is even more unlimited. That way, you will need a more specific size and type of lens.

For the intermediate level, we recommend the Lumix DSLM camera. This series generally offers high speed, high precision AF contrast, up to 4K video format. Some series that you can use include Lumix DMC-G85, Lumix DMC-G7K, and Lumix DC-GF9K. These three cameras have a high enough price. Still, it is suitable for those of you whose photography skills are already pretty good.

Lumix S Cameras (for Professional)

A professional will be required to have higher quality photos and videos. For this reason, a professional engaged in photo and video services will need more sophisticated equipment.

At this level, we recommend that you use a Lumix S Cameras camera. This camera series is a product developed by Lumix for this type of full-frame sensor camera. Not only that, but this camera series is also capable of recording video with a quality 4K, even up to 6K. Some camera series that you can use include Lumix S1R and Lumix DC-S1H.

2.Check the Sensor Size

The sensor on a camera serves to capture images and store them on storage media. Generally, the camera has three sizes that will determine the size of the recorded image. However, in Lumix cameras, there are only two types of sensors, namely Full Frames and Micro Four Thirds. For more details, please refer to the following explanation.

Full Frame (Image size is sharper and wider)

This camera sensor has a sensor size that is preferred by professional photographers and videographers. With a wider sensor size, Lumix cameras with full-frame sensors can capture better images.

Generally, images produced by a full-frame sensor Lumix camera have advantages in sharpness, color depth, and image width. On the other hand, the price of a full-frame sensor Lumix camera is far more expensive than others.

Micro Four Thirds (Images will be cropped twice from the full-frame)

In the world of photography, there is the term crop factor, which is the ratio of the dimensions of the camera sensor to the format that has become a reference. Lumix cameras with full-frame sensors are considered the largest format. While the Micro Four Thirds sensor or M4 / 3 is the smallest format. Even so, the Micro Four Thirds sensor has advantages.

When using a Lumix camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor, you will get an image with a crop factor of twice. The image quality produced by the camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor is indeed satisfying. Lumix Micro Four Thirds sensor camera users have many choices and variations of lenses compared to full-frame lenses.

3.Adjust Usability

In addition to adjusting to your level of skill, there are other points you must consider when you want to buy a camera. For more details, consider the following points!

For Hobbies and Traveling (Easy to carry)

Photography in traveling activities becomes a unit that is difficult to separate. With the growing popularity of social media, cameras are required to show their existence. However, sometimes many people find it difficult to carry photographic equipment that is too heavy. For this reason, most people tend to prefer carrying a pocket camera when traveling.

Some examples of Lumix compact cameras used when traveling are Lumix DC-GF10, Lumix DC-LX100M2, and Lumix DMC-SZ10. Not only comfortable to carry when traveling and traveling far away, but this camera can also support you in pursuing the world of photography. Both landscape, portrait, and street photos, to be comfortable being shot through a compact camera.

For Underwater Shoot (Waterproof Camera)

During a water tour, many people keep their cameras for fear of splashing water. Besides causing corrosion, splashes of water that enters the machine will damage the camera. If you like traveling on water, you should start buying a waterproof camera.

As the name suggests, a waterproof or waterproof camera is specific to you who want to take pictures in a wet environment. If you’re going to do diving and snorkeling, it is fully recommended to use a camera that can be used to a depth of at least 10 meters. One of the best Lumix cameras you can use is the Lumix DC-FT7GA.

For Commercial (Full-frame sensor and 4K video output)

The development of digital technology has demanded the photo and film industry to produce quality videos. To be played and watched on the big screen, the minimum requirements for a video must be Full HD quality. But for now, many film industries are starting to need photos and videos in the 4K format.

Lumix is ​​known as a camera brand with detailed and sharp images. Most Lumix cameras can already do video recording in 4K format. This 4K technology was also developed for professional photography needs, such as 4K photos, post focus, and focus stacking.

For those who have a profession as a photographer or filmmaker, it’s a good idea to use a Lumix camera with a full-frame sensor. The results of the image on this camera will be sharper and clearer than a camera with a Micro Four Thirds sensor. Also, the resulting field of view will be wider than a smaller sensor camera.

10 Best Panasonic Lumix Camera (Recommended)

We have listed ten of the best Panasonic Lumix camera products that you can use. The recommendations below also cover the features of each camera series.

Lumix Slim Camera DMC-SZ10


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This Lumix pocket camera is equipped with a 24 mm wide lens and 12x optical zoom. Although the lens cannot be replaced, this compact camera has a focal length of up to 288 mm. For those of you who want to learn photography and are looking for an affordable camera, start with this Lumix camera.

Interestingly, this camera has a feature that can edit photos directly from the camera. Filters such as Expressive, Retro, and Old Days can be directly applied to your photos. With Wi-Fi support on the camera, images that you have edited can be sent directly to the smartphone.

Lumix Digital Single Lens Mirrorless DC-GF9K


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For some, the design and color of a camera will be one of the points to consider. For those of you who want to buy a Lumix camera with a non-rigid design, this Lumix DC-GF9K camera is the choice. Product color choices are also impressive, like gray, black, orange, and pink.

In terms of quality, this camera is equipped with an LCD that can be rotated 180 degrees making it easier for you to take a selfie. You can record moments directly with image and video quality in 4K format. With the Lumix DC-GF9K camera, share your photos and moments anytime!

Lumix Digital Mirrorless GX850


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The Lumix mirrorless camera has a small and compact body. Equipped with a Micro Four Thirds sensor, this camera has a fairly high ISO sensitivity, which is up to 25,600. From the video quality, this camera is capable of recording in 4K format.

This camera is the right choice for those of you who like to make travel documentation videos or vlogs. The performance of this camera is also quite agile. This camera has a good ability to capture fast movements and low-light conditions. The stylish design is also very supportive of the style of appearance.

Lumix 4K Tough DC-TS7D


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Are you looking for a camera for diving or snorkeling on the beach? The Lumix DC-TS7D camera is the best choice. With the ability to record in 4K format, you will get sharp and clear underwater documentation.

This camera also has a sturdy design for extreme weather, so it is safe to carry everywhere. You can bring this camera while doing water sports such as diving, kayaking or rafting. This camera is also strong enough to carry diving to a depth of 31 meters.

Lumix G85 4K Mirrorless


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For those of you who are looking for a camera with 4K video quality and a good image stabilization system, this camera can be an option. This image stabilization feature on the five axes will prevent you from carrying a tripod too often.

Interestingly, some features function in choosing the best focus after shooting. When you feel less satisfied with the results, you can re-select the area that you want to aim sharper. Touch the image area displayed on the LCD, and the camera will automatically take a picture of the subject.

Lumix S1H Digital Mirrorless Camera DC-S1H


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This camera is equipped with a 24-megapixel resolution sensor and recording capability in 6K format. This camera has a stabilization system on the body and camera lens to get perfect photos and videos. Lumix S1H became the first camera capable of recording video up to 6K.

Interestingly, Lumix S1H does not provide a limit in the recording. This means you can freely record videos without worrying that the engine will overheat. With this very sophisticated feature, the Lumix S1H camera is highly recommended for those of you who work as professional videographers.

Lumix DC-LX100M2


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Carrying a Micro Four Thirds sensor, this compactor pocket Lumix camera has a lighter form than a mirrorless camera. For those of you who are looking for a pocket camera for a relaxing trip, this camera can be an option. Even though it looks small, this camera has been equipped with pretty good technology.

In contrast to compact cameras usually. This Lumix camera has been equipped with a viewfinder or viewfinder with a resolution of 2.7 megapixels. That way, you can have a sharp view before shooting the subject of the picture. For photo and video quality, this camera is capable of recording in 4K format.



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This Lumix camera provides video features that greatly satisfy its users. Especially for those of you who like making documentary video content, this camera is the right choice. This camera has a feature that makes you free to record up to more than 30 minutes.

While in video quality, you can record up to 180 fps to make slow-motion videos. With this effect, the video you produce will look more dramatic. Interestingly, this camera is equipped with gamma log grading features. This feature gives you flexibility in the cinematic style video editing process.



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Usually, large video sizes will quickly make a full storage memory. With the Lumix DC-S1RMGC camera, you no longer worry if the storage memory is full. Lumix DC-S1R BODY is equipped with dual storage memory slots; this camera makes it easy for you to record every moment.

In terms of quality, this camera is equipped with a CMOS sensor with Venus Engine. This feature gives the image that you aim to have sharp and more natural color details. If you work as a professional filmmaker, use this camera to support your work.

Lumix DMC-G7K


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This camera has a function that allows you to delete unwanted objects. This function makes it easy for you to save time without transferring it to a PC or laptop. The photos from the camera can be directly uploaded through social media.

This camera is very recommended for those of you who pursue the profession as a photographer or videographer. Besides being able to record in 4K, this camera has a good burst mode or photo frame. You can shoot eight frames per second for JPEG format and 13 frames for RAW format.


In quality, the Lumix camera is the type of camera that has the most advanced features and technology. Do you now have an idea which Lumix camera is most suitable for? As we explained above. In choosing a Lumix camera, you must adjust to the level and needs.

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