You can keep your drinks cool using a portable refrigerator or a mini-fridge. Not only that, but portable fridges are also very useful when you are doing outdoor activities because they are easy to carry and you can bring your favorite cold drinks.

The number of portable refrigerator brands with different specifications may make it difficult for you to choose. This time, we will provide ten portable refrigerator recommendations complete with features, specifications, and prices. Choose what you like best so that your outdoor activities are more fun!

How to choose a portable refrigerator (mini-fridge)

You might want a portable refrigerator to cool food and drinks, cool towels, and other items, or maybe just to support your outdoor activities.

However, you will find it difficult to choose if you do not know the important things that must be considered. Therefore, we will first explain how to choose a portable refrigerator so you can find the right product.

Easy to carry

One of the most important points of a portable refrigerator is its ease of carrying. By checking its weight and size, you can make sure that a portable fridge is easy to carry.

Weight is a fundamental thing that you should pay attention to. Portable refrigerators will get heavier when you fill them with your items. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a fridge that has an empty weight ≤ of 5 kg.

Generally, each person will use a portable refrigerator in a different location according to their individual needs, choose a portable fridge that is the most appropriate size for your needs. You can adjust the size of the space where the product will be placed.

Based on Capacity

A portable refrigerator storage capacity is different from one another. It is important to adjust the portable refrigerator’s capacity to the item you are going to put in it.

Despite its large capacity, there are times when large objects such as plastic drinking bottles don’t fit because of the design of the portable refrigerator cabinet. Therefore, you must also ensure this before buying a portable refrigerator.

The size of the refrigerator is different based on its capacity. So, choose the product with the most suitable capacity, and it’s still quite easy for you to carry, okay.

Based on the type of power supply

Where will you place the portable refrigerator? This should be an important consideration because the type of power supply of a fridge will affect the refrigerator placement location.

If you plan to put it in the car, choose a refrigerator with AC ( Alternating Current ) power supply. If needed, you can also choose a portable refrigerator with a DC (Direct Current ) power supply. Well, choose the most comfortable according to your needs, yes!

Temperature Modifier

The other most important thing in choosing a portable refrigerator is its ability to change temperatures, both in temperatures that were warm to cold and vice versa in certain refrigerators. These capabilities vary from product to product—usually, the higher price, the more full the temperature range. Choose products that can produce temperatures according to your needs.

10 Best (Recommended) Portable Refrigerator (mini-fridge)

Next, we will list ten recommended portable refrigerators with features, prices, and sizes that differ. You will find a variety of products, ranging from affordable to quite expensive. We have summarized everything specifically for you below.

Fridgemaster Portable FM Refrigerator 05

With the design of the door opener that sticks out, you can easily open this refrigerator. The combination of the handle with the inside light is quite functional and makes it easy for you to take the contents of the fridge even when it is dark. If you often do outdoor activities in areas that are quite dark, this product is worth considering.

Equipped with two compartments with a total of 5 liters, you can group your items according to their types in this refrigerator. The practicality of this product is increasingly prominent because you can use AC and DC type power supplies on this refrigerator. The refrigerant fan cooling system, this product will not produce CFC (C chlorofluorocarbon) substances).

Milk Cow Portable Mini Refrigerator

This product is the answer if you want a product with a cute and practical design when used. As the name implies, the exterior of this product is given a themed design that looks adorable cowhide motif. This product is still practical because it can use both AC and DC power supplies, so all you have to do is adjust your usage according to your needs.

It weighs 2.5 kg, and this refrigerator already has a volume of 4 liters. The handle on the top also feels pretty practical because it makes it easy for you to carry it. Coupled with the door handles that protrude, you can easily open the door.

Zhengtong Portable Refrigerator

Although the dimensions don’t look large, this fridge already has a volume of 10 liters. There are two compartments on the door and three compartments on the inside. If needed, remove the tray on the inside so that it becomes just one large compartment. This certainly makes it easier for you to store goods in it.

The white exterior design will make this product look expensive and classy. The big handle on the top is thick and strong, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of things in this refrigerator. If you want a practical product with a luxurious appearance, this product is very fitting.

Catuo Car Refrigerator Fridge

For those of you who have deep pockets and are looking for a portable refrigerator with the largest capacity possible, this product is suitable for consideration. With trayless design compartments, you will get a capacity of 24 liters. You can enter various items ranging from drinking bottles, meat, wine, or whatever you want!

You can not only use this refrigerator to cool but also to warm with heating temperatures reaching 55-65 ° C, you know! Although the fridge itself weighs 4.2 kg, the handlebar on this product is strong and doesn’t break easily, so you can safely carry it everywhere.

Portable Mobicool Refrigerator

It can be used to cool or warm food and drinks. This product is right to accompany your vacation with your closest relatives. The electricity is quite low, which is only 32 watts so you can save electricity. Besides, this product does not produce CFCs, of course, it is suitable for you who like environmentally friendly products.

This product weighs 4.51 kg, and its capacity reaches 8 liters. With dimensions of 40 x 20 x 29 cm, you can carry it comfortably using the thick strap provided. You can also put your drink near the lid because it provides 2 cup holders in the area.

Car Portable Mini Fridge with a capacity of 7.5L

If you need a portable refrigerator that can efficiently use cool or warm food, you can try this product. This portable refrigerator can cool food to 3 ° C or warm it to 70 ° C. With the lid seal and magnet lock, the cooling and heating process becomes very effective.

With dimensions of 31 x 31 x 17 cm, the capacity reaches 7.5 liters and weighs only 2.4 kg, of course, you will have no trouble carrying this refrigerator using the strap. This product is also equipped with 3 cup holders on the lid. With all the qualities offered, this product is certainly suitable to accompany your trip and family.

Red Portable Car Refrigerator CW-6L

With oxford leather, this product weighs very light, which is only 1.23 kg! Although the material is different from a portable refrigerator in general, it will not affect its performance. With a capacity of 6 liters, you can use this product to cool or warm your food and drinks.

With a dimension of 24 x 23 x 18 cm, you don’t need a lot of space to put it. If you like products that are lightweight and compact, this product is an option. However, the dominant material oxford leather makes you have to be more careful when carrying it so as not to tear because it is exposed to sharp angles such as wood or stone.

Portable Car Refrigerator Black

Thanks to the capacity that reaches 6 liters, of course, you can fill this portable refrigerator with enough goods. Moreover, there is no tray in it, so you can freely enter the items you want. You can also put four drinks on the lid because there are 4 cup holders in that section.

This product is able to cool to 19 ° lower than the outside temperature and warms with a temperature range of 50-60 ° C. Elegant black color, and this product is not only not easy to get dirty but also easy to clean. If you often do activities in the wild and are exposed to mud, soil, or dust, this product is suitable for you to have.

ecHome Mini Refrigerator 4L

You can bring six cans of 330 ml beverage size, or 4 500 ml bottles using this refrigerator. If you need a portable refrigerator to store not too many drinks, this product is one of the best options. If required, you can remove the tray to place items with a maximum capacity of 4 liters.

The weight of the refrigerator itself is quite light at only 1.8 kg. Measuring 25 x 24 x 17.7 cm, this sleek design product is suitable for you to put anywhere. All of these factors plus their durable handle grips will make you feel comfortable carrying this product in your daily life.

Car Fridge Mini Refrigerator with 4 Cup Holders

For those of you who have limited funds, this product is the right answer. With a very affordable price, you have obtained a portable refrigerator that can cool and also warm drinks. Its weight is light, only 1.6 kg, and has a maximum of 6 liters, making it easy and convenient for you to carry anywhere.

There is no tray in the storage, so you can easily store your things. The lid is also equipped with 4 cup holders so you can bring extra drinks. Although there is no handle and only a strap is provided, complete functionality and affordable prices make this product very worthy of consideration.


Portable refrigerators are effective, and you can use them for the long term. You can not only use it to cool drinks, but also ferment or store cookies and candy when there are certain events. Therefore, choose the product with the features that you like the most!

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