Humans need Collagen not only to maintain skin elasticity and youth but also to maintain the functions of other body tissues. Although Collagen is naturally available in the human body, its quality and quantity will continue to decline with age.

Various collagen supplement brands, such as Puritan’s Pride, Neocell, Youtheory, and others, have good benefits for your body. However, what kind of collagen supplement is right for your skin? Let’s take a look at the tips for choosing and a list of collagen supplement product recommendations below.

How to choose the Best Collagen supplement?

Before buying, you must know how to choose a product. Make sure the collagen supplements you take are good for your body. Check out how to choose the right collagen supplement below.

Choose the type of Collagen based on its Function
Based on its function, Collagen supplements are generally divided into two types, namely to maintain skin beauty and maintain joint health. Different functions of supplements, so different types of Collagen they contain. Let’s understand the advantages of each type of Collagen through the following descriptions!

Collagen type I to Maintain Skin Beauty

Choose this type of Collagen if you want to maintain skin beauty, elasticity, and moisture. Collagen type I is the largest collagen composition in the human body. In the body, this type of Collagen plays a role in forming skin, bones, and others.

However, information regarding the content of type I Collagen is rarely included on the collagen supplement packaging. The solution looks at the benefits offered by a collagen supplement product. Choose a collagen supplement that is claimed to be beneficial for skin beauty, such as making the skin more moisturized, elastic, radiant, beautiful, and so on.

Collagen type II for Maintaining Joint Health

If you want to maintain joint health, collagen type II is the right choice. Collagen type II is made from extracts of salmon bones and various other sources of type II collagen. This type is ideal for reducing joint pain due to age factors and joint inflammation due to excessive sports activities. Collagen type II content is generally clearly written on the supplement packaging, so you need to check it carefully.

In the manufacturing process, Collagen is divided into two types, namely Collagen, that has undergone a denaturation process and that has not undergone a denaturation process. The denaturation process will reduce the nutrients from Collagen during the extraction process and damage the original structure of Collagen.

This will make it difficult for the Collagen to be absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, the collagen structure that does not undergo a denaturation process will not change so that the body will more easily absorb Collagen. For more optimal results, you can choose collagen type II that does not undergo a denaturation process.

Choose based on the Molecular size of Collagen

If you want high absorption of Collagen, you can take supplements with Collagen in the form of collagen peptide or low molecular weight collagen. For optimal results, the tripeptide form can be an option because it has a simpler molecular arrangement.

However, the price will certainly be slightly higher than other forms of Collagen. Collagen molecule sizes are usually not listed on the supplement packaging. To be sure, you can choose a product that includes a description of the form of Collagen used.

Regular collagen consumption has not been medically proven to maintain skin beauty or maintain joint health. However, many health supplement manufacturers have conducted their research on their products. You can find complete information by checking the official website or reading consumer reviews for the product.

Choose based on the Raw Materials Used

Based on the raw material, Collagen is divided into Collagen from land animals and Collagen from aquatic animals. It is important to know this because of the different ingredients, the different absorbency. Products made from land animals are usually more affordable.

For those of you who want to save money, it doesn’t hurt to try this product. Meanwhile, products made from aquatic animals have a higher absorption capacity due to their smaller molecular size. For those of you who want to immediately feel the benefits of the collagen supplements that you consume, choose collagen supplements with ingredients sourced from aquatic animals.

It would be even better if the Collagen were made from fish skin, not fish scales

Collagen processing made from fish scales generally uses hydrochloric acid because of the hard texture of fish scales. Although it is still safe for consumption, the collagen peptide bonds may have been damaged. As a result, you will not get the benefits of Collagen even though the body has absorbed the Collagen.

At present, there are also many collagen supplement products made from land animal raw materials which have fine molecules and high absorption. So, you need to note that not all Collagen-based on aquatic animals is the most nutritious. Before buying, please read the review of the consumer for consideration.

Choose based on the Supporting Materials in It

When choosing a collagen supplement, you need to pay attention not only to the raw material. The supporting material in it is a point that you need to observe next. First of all, let’s check the content of vitamin C and iron as auxiliary materials for the rebuilding of Collagen in the body.

In the body, Collagen will be broken down into amino acids to be distributed to all parts of the body. After that, amino acids will be re-formed into Collagen with the help of vitamin C and iron. Therefore, collagen supplements containing vitamin C and iron have better properties. Also, check other supporting materials according to the benefits you want to get.

If you want to maintain the beauty of your skin, choose those that contain vitamin C and vitamin B group. The function of vitamin C is to suppress the formation of melanin that causes dark spots on the skin. Meanwhile, B vitamins function to maintain healthy skin and hair.

Choose based on the Ease of Consumption

Collagen supplements that are widely available in the market are in the form of tablets, caplets, capsules, liquid and powder. The advantage of collagen supplements in the form of tablets, caplets and capsules are that they are easy to consume and practical to carry around.

The drawback is that the quantity of Collagen contained is not much due to its small size. Collagen supplements in liquid or beverage form are also practical because they can be consumed immediately whenever you need them. However, collagen supplements in the form of drinks are not environmentally friendly enough because they are generally packaged in plastic or glass bottles.

Next is a collagen supplement in powder form. The advantage is that it can be mixed with various foods or drinks. So, you won’t feel bored with the taste. The drawback is that it is inconvenient to carry around, especially if you are a person with high mobility. Choose a form of collagen supplement that suits your needs. If in doubt, you can buy collagen supplements in various forms to take according to the situation and conditions.

Choose based on Portions According to Body Needs

The average collagen content per serving in a collagen supplement is 5,000 mg. Still, this quantity will certainly vary depending on the supplement product. Even so, you can also use this quantity as a reference. Many people think that the higher the collagen content in a supplement product, the better.

However, there is no definite measure of the ideal quantity of collagen consumption because everyone’s daily collagen needs are different. Instead of paying attention to the quantity of Collagen, check on the absorption of collagen supplements and ingredients in them.

Well, for those who want a collagen supplement with lots of supporting ingredients, choose a collagen supplement in the form of a drink.

Top 10 Best (Recommended) Collagen Supplements Good for Body and Skin Whitening

Kinohimitsu Diamond Collagen

Professional demands often make you have to work or be in the office late at night. Fatigue and lack of sleep will affect the health of the skin; for example, the face looks sluggish, eye bags appear, and even wrinkles. To maintain youthful skin, you can always rely on Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink.

Not only solving skin problems that appear visually, but this collagen supplement is also able to hydrate the skin so that it is always moisturized. You also don’t have to worry anymore about dry skin because you work all day in an air-conditioned room. Products from Kinohimitsu are ideal for those of you hardworking who always want to look beautiful and fresh.

Meiji Amino Collagen Premium

To maintain the beauty and health of your skin, you need a collagen supplement with a complete formula, such as Meiji Amino Collagen Premium. The three supporting ingredients are believed to be effective in hydrating the skin to keep it moisturized throughout the day so that you will have beautiful, shiny skin like after treatment at beauty salon.

The molecular size in this product is smaller than ordinary Collagen so that the body more optimally absorbs it. Mix a teaspoon into your favourite drink and get the full benefits of Collagen without affecting the taste of the drink. Eat this Japanese product regularly and feel beautiful, smooth, and supple skin.

NeoCell Super Collagen

The loss of Collagen with age can cause visible signs of ageing, such as in joints and bones, and visible, such as in skin and hair. To overcome both, fill your daily collagen intake with natural supplements that are safe to consume every day.

Neocell Super Collagen Powder has been clinically tested to be able to support collagen formation in the body with a higher collagen content and is easily absorbed by the body. For optimal results, consume one measuring spoon (6,600 mg) daily on an empty stomach or at breakfast by adding it to your smoothie or other favorite recipes.

Beauty Bites Infused Collagen

It would help if you met your collagen intake for the body, especially for those of you who often do outdoor activities. To be more practical, choose a one-time drink in a bottle, like this product. Besides making it easier, this collagen supplement is also claimed to be able to work fast because the body quickly absorbs it.

Besides being superior in benefits, the sweet fruit taste comes from natural sugars, so it feels fresher and doesn’t make you nauseous. The ingredients are natural, proven by the shorter expiration period than other similar products. Get smooth, wrinkle-free, moisturized and radiant skin by consuming one bottle per day regularly.

Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen

Healthy skin and strong hair and nails will make you look even more beautiful. If you want to maintain the health of these three body parts at once, please choose this one product. Puritan’s Pride contains 100% pure collagen for hair growth and maintenance for stronger, firmer skin, and nails that don’t break easily.

Puritan’s Pride collagen, which is also claimed to support healthy muscles, young bones and teeth, is safe for consumption every day because it is free of artificial colorings, flavorings, or sweeteners. Regularly take four tablets at a time, twice a day, to get the healthy hair, skin and nails you desire!

Vital Collagen Protein

If you are looking for collagen powder to dissolve in any drink without changing the taste quickly, this is a good choice. Since Collagen is only sourced from cows raised in pasture, you know that Collagen is a grain-free feed that contains hormones or pesticides.

If maximum performance is your goal, Vital Collagen is known to help long-distance runners, weekend athletes, and those just looking to move better. They make Collagen as an oral supplement any way you like it, from a single source of flavored collagen peptides, coffee cream makers, and beauty water.

Garden of Life Collagen

Beauty Collagen brings together the building blocks derived from the best plants for beauty and unique pasture-eating cow collagen which includes type 1 (which is found in skin, hair, and nails) and Type 3 (found in skin, muscles, and blood vessels), namely collagen peptides which are readily absorbed amino acids containing high levels of valuable.

Crushed Tonic Anti-Aging Collagen

Glowing skin, healthier hair and nails and better digestion with this luxurious collagen powder. Apart from marine Collagen, this supplement contains organic lucuma, a super fruit with naturally spicy flavored caramel. Packed in a package, it’s a good choice when traveling.

LiveWell Collagen Peptides

Livewell Collagen is made with bovine Collagen that comes from grass-fed and pasture-raised sources and is keto and paleo-friendly. It even has third party validation testing. Users note that their skin looks cleaner and firmer after adding this collagen powder to their routine and that the powder dissolves into the drink and has a very mild taste.

Orgain Collagen Peptides

Apart from healthy skin, collagen powder also helps support healthy hair growth. This is a good choice for hair, as it contains collagen types I and III and essential amino acids that are essential for maintaining healthy hair. There is no sugar, soy, or gluten in the supplement, which is almost bland and can be mixed into food and drink.


We have introduced various forms and brands of collagen supplement products, along with tips for choosing collagen supplements. With adequate collagen intake, the body will become healthier. As a bonus, your skin will be firmer and smoother.

Choose a collagen supplement according to your needs. If you want to mix it with your favorite recipe, go for the practical powder form. Supplements in the form of drinks are also practical if you need collagen intake on the go.

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