Having straight hair is certainly the dream of many women. For this reason, hair straighteners are needed so that the hair can fall straight, neat, and shiny.

Many manufacturers offer hair straighteners, such as Philips, Elov, BaByliss, or Revlon. However, you will find different features in each product.

Well, here we will discuss some tips on how to choose the best hair straightener along with ten recommended products. Take a look at the following articles and find the best hair straightener for you!

How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener?

Do you already know what to consider when choosing a hair straightener? Check out the following reviews. Adjust the plate size according to the length of your hair

Each product has a different plate size. Choose the type of plate size that suits your hair length!

The Standard type for bob hair to semi-long hair

If you have bob to semi-long hair, choose a standard straightener, 20-30mm wide. With this size, the iron will feel relatively light. You will be able to straighten your hair or create small curls and waves with ease. Because it is very easy to use, the standard size is also recommended for all those who are using an iron straightener for the first time.

Wide type for Long Hair to Save Time

Those of you who have long hair that exceeds the shoulders can choose a wide type of flat iron. This wide type is also suitable for those of you who have dense hair and take a long time to style your hair. Wide types of vice usually have plates measuring between 35-45 mm.

A large number of hairs that can be pinned at one time allows you to straighten your hair efficiently. This is very helpful so that your arms do not get tired easily and fun styling activities. However, the drawback of this type is that it is difficult to make curly hair. The width type should only be used for straight hair.

Mini Type that is Effective on Short Hair

The mini type is suitable for men or women who have short hair and have difficulty pinning their hair. The width is only about 9-15 mm. The advantage is that the plate will transmit heat well to the hair. The movements in straightening are also very good. The plate heats up quickly due to the small area of ​​the plate.

2-in-1 type for Those Who want a Variety of Hairstyles

If you want to style your hair in a variety of styles on the go, but still save space, go for the 2-in-1 type. The 2-in-1 vice has several types. There are standard types with two tongs. Some types allow you to make hair straight or curly by changing the attachment on the clamp.

Choose a product that gives you the results you want

The various functions offered can affect the final result. Pay attention to the following things to get the results that are what you want.

Firmly clamping plate and glides well to minimize hair breakage

A flat iron that clasps your hair tightly to optimize the heat at one time. That way, heat damage can be minimized. The smooth surface of the plate can also minimize the damage caused by friction. As a result, hair loss can be prevented, and you can get a smooth finish.

In addition, the padded curling iron can clip short hair without missing it. You can make straight hair with pins that minimize damage to your hair. Choose this function for those of you who care about hair health.

Steam function for soft and moist results

When you iron your hair, the moisture content in the hair is lost. However, with the steam function, the water content can be added so that hair does not feel dry. The finish is moist and soft. The iron with this function is a bit of a hassle because you need to add water when you want to use it to generate steam. However, this function is perfect for those of you who are worried about dry hair.

The ion function for hair is easy to adjust

Negative ions will reduce static electricity which is one of the causes of hair dispersal. The ionic straightener will help prepare a cohesive layer, so the hair doesn’t spread out and is easy to manage.

Check the following points for an Easy-to-use Flat Iron

Because vice is a piece of equipment that you can use every day, you certainly need to consider its ease of use. For that, the points that need to be considered when choosing are

How to set the desired temperature and find out if the temperature setting has reached the desired number;

  1. The rate of change in temperature of the vice plate;
  2. Clamp power and ability to curl hair;
  3. Vice compatibility when taken abroad for those of you who like to travel; and
  4. Functions to minimize the possibility of burns.

You can see each of the points above on the product’s official website. You can also check the product packaging if you are going to buy it at the store. So, please refer to the description!

Top 10 (Recommended) Hair Straighteners With Best Features

We will list the best hair straightener recommendations for you. We have selected the best products based on the plate material, price, the highest temperature that can be produced.

Revlon Perfect Straight 1″ Flat Iron

Revlon Straighteners, Flat Iron

Check Price (Amazon)

Revlon is well known for its various female beauty products. One of the best hair straightening straighteners is Revlon Perfect Heat Perfect Straight 1 ″ Flat Iron. This product with a ceramic coating on the plates helps straighten hair with even heat.

In addition, this product comes with 30 special heat settings that allow minimizing damage to hair. The design of the grip plates also helps smooth the process of printing and minimizes friction on the hair. We recommend this product for those of you who are concerned with hair health.

Philips KeraShine Straightener

Philips Straightener

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Philips KeraShine Straightener has a layer of ceramic material that contains keratin as a treatment for your hair. Slightly different from ordinary ceramics, keratin itself functions to maintain hair shine and prevent hair from becoming tangled.

This product is suitable for those of you who want to look beautiful without damaging your hair. This straightener also features an auto-off technology that works after 60 minutes. That way, you don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave this product on.

Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288

Elov Heat Iron

This Elov brand hair straightener comes from Korea with a heating plate that maximizes the heat transfer process. Even your finished hair will look shiny because of the shiny heating plate.

You can buy Elov Quick Heat Iron 5288 online or in electronics stores at quite affordable prices. The design also looks elegant, dominated by black. With a fairly long handle, this product is perfect if it’s your first time trying out the straightener.

Panasonic Straightener

Panasonic Iron Straightener

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If you are looking for a straightener for colored hair, then the Panasonic straightener can be the answer. Comes with Color Care Photo Ceramic Plate technology, this iron can reduce hair color fading by up to 40% and prevent hair loss of moisture by up to 20%.

BaByliss iPro 230 iCurl

BaByliss Straightener

Check Price (Amazon)

BaByliss is a hair straightener brand quite popular. In this product, the back of the plate has a semicircular shape. This makes this product have two functions at once, namely straightening and curling hair.

Not only two kinds of hairstyles, but you can also make natural wavy hair that is very beautiful. This product is right for those of you who like to change hairstyles.

Eva NYC Mini Straightener

Eva NYC Mini Straightener

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Small enough to carry on the go, but also strong enough to compete with your everyday hair straightener. Iron Eva NYC has 100% solid ceramic plates soft on hair and allows versatile styling on the go.

Remington Iron Straightener

Wet2Straight Straightener

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Utilizing ceramic plates containing keratin and argan oil, Remington iron can straighten hair as well as nourish hair. Remington also provides a straightener for wet hair, namely Remington Wet2Straight, which dries and straightens 86% faster than normal blow-dry.

InStyler Cerasilk Straightener

InStyler Cerasilk Straightener

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Effective straighteners even worked well in our tests with afro hair. Designed to help protect hair from damage, Instyler claims that the ceramic coating on the straightener hot plate prevents direct contact with your locks.

The installation of a comb is useful and ensures that hair is straightened evenly when appropriately used, but lacks a lock mechanism for traveling.

Aima Titanium Styling Iron

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This straightener from Aima is a cordless flat iron, and you can use it anytime, anywhere. This product is suitable for those of you who frequently retouch. Convenient hook & 60mins auto shut-off & 360°swivel design & extra-long cord, simple & elegant life.

Its shaft lock mechanism also ensures safety when you are carrying it around. Ergonomic design and size also fit perfectly in hand. Hairstyling activities will not feel tiring.

GlamPalm Hair Straightener

GlamPalm Hair Straightener

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This brand that has been established since 1995 has a quality that deserves thumbs up. Having a plate coated with HealingStone technology, this iron can reduce damage from overheating.

GlamPalm also embeds a vibration feature so that the heat of the iron is well distributed, ensuring users get the desired results in one use.


Lately, hair straighteners have become a must-have item for women. From the explanation of how to choose above, have you found the right product? If not, you can see the product recommendations we provide and use them as references.

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